Patch icon V1.0.0.151
Zed OriginalSkin
Zed, the Master of Shadows
Release date (US) November 13, 2012
Highlights & notes
  • New champion: Zed Zed
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V1.0.0.150 V1.0.0.152

New Skins in the Store 编辑

The following skins were added along with this patch.

Season 2 has officially ended 编辑

  • Eligible summoners will receive loading screen borders, profile banner trims, forum badges, and the 迦娜头像.png Victorious Janna skin immediately.
  • Summoner Icons will be distributed over the next week.
  • Elo ratings have been compressed towards 1200 and system confidence in ratings has been reset.
  • Placement matches must be completed before Elo will be visible again.
  • Ranked stats have been cleared and archived under the "Season 2" option in the drop-down.

League of Legends V1.0.0.151 编辑

英雄 编辑

Zed Zed, the Master of Shadows

  • Contempt for the Weak Contempt for the Weak (Innate): Whenever Zed attacks an enemy below 50% Health, he deals an additional 6%/8%/10% of their maximum Health as magic damage. This effect has a short cooldown.
  • Razor Shuriken Razor Shuriken: Zed and his shadow both throw their shurikens, dealing physical damage to any target they pass through. Each Shuriken deals less damage to targets beyond the first.
  • Living Shadow Living Shadow: Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for a short duration. Zed's shadow will duplicate his spells. Activating Living Shadow again while his shadow is active will cause Zed to switch positions with his shadow. If both Zed and his shadow strike the same target with Razor Shurikens or Shadow Slash, Zed re-gains some energy and the target suffers an additional effect: Razor Shurikens deal additional bonus damage and the slow from Shadow Slash is dramatically increased.
  • Shadow Slash Shadow Slash: Zed and his shadow both create a burst of shadow, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. Zed's Shadow Slash slightly reduces the cooldown of Living Shadow by for each unit struck. The shadow's Shadow Slash briefly slows enemies.
  • Death Mark Death Mark: Zed sinks into the shadows and dashes to his target, dealing physical damage. He also spawns a Living Shadow beyond the target, which duplicates his spells and marks the target. After 3 seconds, the mark will detonate, dealing physical damage based on the damage dealt to the target by Zed and his shadow while the mark was active. Zed can reactivate this ability to switch positions with this shadow.

Brand Brand

  • Pyroclasm.png Pyroclasm:
    • Pyroclasm can no longer bounce more than 5 times.

Elise Elise

  • Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin:
    • Ability power ratio increased to 3% per 100 Ability Power from 2%
  • Venomous Bite Venomous Bite:
    • Ability power ratio increased to 3% per 100 Ability Power from 2%
  • Cocoon.png Cocoon:
    • Missile speed increased to 1450 from 1300.
    • Now reveals the target if it hits.
  • Spider Form Spider Form:
    • Bonus magic damage per attack ability power ratio increased to 0.3 from 0.2

Kassadin Kassadin

  • NetherBlade.png Nether Blade:
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.3 from 0.15.
    • Bonus damage no longer hits inhibitors or the Nexus.

Katarina Katarina

  • BouncingBlades.png Bouncing Blades:
    • Initial damage reduced at later ranks to 60/90/120/150/180 from 60/95/130/165/200.
  • SinisterSteel.png Sinister Steel:
    • Damage reduced at later ranks to 40/75/110/145/180 from 40/80/120/160/200.

LeBlanc LeBlanc

  • Distortion.png Distortion:
    • Mana cost reduced at later ranks to 80/85/90/95/100 from 80/90/100/110/120.

Lux Lux

  • Final Spark Final Spark:
    • Visual effects no longer appear at the wrong angle if aimed beyond the edge of the map.

Renekton Renekton

Soraka Soraka

  • Infuse.png Infuse:
    • Tooltip now states the correct ability power ratio at 0.6.

20px Twisted Fate

Twitch Twitch

  • DeadlyVenom.png Deadly Venom:
    • Now has a new particle for maximum stacks.
  • Ambush.png Ambush:
    • Tooltip now describes the correct behavior in regards to delay before entering invisibility

Veigar Veigar

  • Equilibrium.png Equilibrium:
    • Mana regeneration increased to 1% from 0.75% per 1% Mana missing.

Volibear Volibear

20px Xin Zhao

  • CrescentSweep.png Crescent Sweep:
    • Now properly procs spell vamp and other effects (e.g. Rylai's slow).

Yorick Yorick

Ziggs Ziggs

基兰 基兰

物品 编辑

  • Item.png Blackfire Torch:
    • New Recipe: Item.png Kage's Lucky Pick + Haunting Guise item.png Haunting Guise
    • Total Gold Cost: 2950 (combine cost: 700)
    • +70 Ability Power
    • +250 Health
    • Unique Passive: +15% Cooldown Reduction
    • Unique Passive: +20 Magic Penetration
    • Unique Passive: Your spells burn for an additional 5% of the target champion's maximum Health in magic damage over 3 seconds. Each second burned consumes a charge. One charge is generated each second.
    • Now available on Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.
  • Item.png Hextech Sweeper
    • New Recipe: Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome item.png Amplifying Tome + Item.png Kindlegem
    • Total Gold Cost: 1920 (combine cost: 200)
    • +50 Ability Power
    • +300 Health
    • Unique Passive: +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • Unique Passive: +10% Movement Speed
    • Unique Active: A stealth-detecting mist grants vision in the target area for 10 seconds (1 minute cooldown).
  • Lord Van Damm's Pillager item.png Lord Van Damm's Pillager
    • Reduced health by 50
    • Reduced armor penetration by 5
  • Wooglet's Witchcap item.png Wooglet's Witchcap
    • New Recipe: Needlessly Large Rod item.png Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest item.png Chain Vest
    • Total Gold Cost: 3500 (combine cost: 1200)
    • +100 Ability Power
    • +50 Armor
    • Unique Passive: Increases Ability Power by 25%
    • Unique Active: Places your champion into Stasis for 2.5 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any action (90 second cooldown).
    • Now available on Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.
  • Removed Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass from Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.
  • Removed Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap from Crystal Scar.
  • Removed Item.png Thornmail from the purchasable item list on Twisted Treeline.

General 编辑

  • Ignite.png Ignite is now only castable on enemy champions.
  • Champion passives will now have their cooldowns represented on their passive icon.

Co-op vs. AI 编辑

  • Twisted Treeline bots should now favor defending their base over taking altars.
  • Twisted Treeline bots no longer get stuck at the summoning platform when an inhibitor is under attack.
  • Custom game Summoner's Rift bots now use the same push logic as beginner Co-op vs. AI bots, which should address several issues of bots getting stuck on the map.
  • Added a pathing workaround to prevent Summoner's Rift bots from getting trapped in certain areas of the map (e.g. Baron pit).
  • Battle Training bots should no longer get stuck during the tutorial.

Twisted Treeline 编辑

  • Reduced 20px Vilemaw's starting damage, increased his starting health, and reduced his health scaling.
  • Slightly tweaked walkable space in several areas to allow Flash.png Flashing over walls.
  • Brush beside altars removed.
  • Altars now unlock at 3:00 minutes instead of 2:00.
  • Altars now grant a 3 gold bonus per kill, down from 4.
  • Minion base gold rewards increased by 1 to compensate.
  • Jungle monster gold and health values rebalanced.

Crystal Scar 编辑

  • Reduced passive mana regeneration.
  • Increased mana gained from Health Relics.
  • Changed windmill rotation speed so gears no longer clip.

Undocumented Changes 编辑

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