Speed Shrine
This unit has 30% increased movement speed.
with Runic Affinity (mastery) Runic Affinity
File:Speed Shrines.jpg
? A speed shrine is an area that grants a 30% movement speed buff when walked on. There are three speed shrines located on Crystal Scar and one located in the middle of the Twisted Treeline Speed shrines are only found on these two maps.

The location of the shrine on the Crystal Scar was carefully selected to ensure that its use could equalize travel time between any two capture points, whether you were moving from the Boneyard in the bottom left to the Refinery in the upper right, or just across to an adjacent point.

Speed shrines allow players to have significantly more strategic options whether they are confronted with a stalemate, or are simply looking to keep an opponent on their toes by launching a timed attack at a cross-map objective.

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