The Shop is an area in all League of Legends maps where Summoners can purchase items for their champions. Every shop is located near each team's spawn pool. You can access the shop either by clicking it with the mouse cursor or by using the default Hotkey, "P".

Organization 编辑

Items are organized first into five categories: Defense, Attack, Magic, Movement, and Consumables. The first three are broken down into further categories based on the statistics the items have. Items can be sorted under multiple categories if it contains that category's statistic. For example: Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster would appear under both Damage and Life steal in the Attack category for its damage and life steal effects. Items in each category are sorted from the cheapest price to the most expensive.

The items are organized as the following:

Stats that the shop does not cover:

Item availability 编辑

Items that are only exclusive to a certain map will appear as blocked in the shop with a no symbol over it. For example, Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor will appear blocked in the Crystal Scar's shops and Item.png Kitae's Bloodrazor will appear blocked in the shops of both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline.

Recommended Builds 编辑

Following the recent update to League of Legends, the Recommended Builds has changed, being its' own page in the shop, seperated into four categories.

Starting Items describe items that Riot feels best work for that champion to start.

Essential Items are items that Riot believes are core to the champion, and should be bought.

Offensive Items are items that should be bought for your champion if you want to go for damage.

Defensive Items are items that should be bought for your champion if you want to take damage.

Shop appearance 编辑

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