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Ravenous Hydra is an upcoming pushing-centric item in League of Legends.[1]


  • This item shares the Cleave and Crescent effects with Item.png Tiamat.
  • Similar to how spell vamp interacts with area-of-effect, this item currently applies only half your life steal. [2]
  • Compared to the current Item.png Tiamat:
    • The item's damage now scales with your attack damage, and not the damage dealt by your attack.
    • It will not scale with the bonus damage from effects such as Item.png Sheen and Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike.
    • It now always deals physical damage. [3]
    • There is a 0.05 second internal cooldown on being triggered by different targets. [4]
      • This affects abilities such as Shyvana 希瓦娜TwinBite.png Twin Bite (Dragon form).
      • There is no cooldown on triggering the effect on a single target, such as DoubleStrike.png Double Strike.
    • Passive Radius: ~385 [5]
    • Active Radius: 400 [5]
      • Passive is centered on the target; active is centered on the user.



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