Rabid Wolf
Melee, Buff
Gold: 75 Experience: 150
Health 1030 (+130 per champion level)
Mana 0
Attack damage 40
Range 125?
Armor 13
Magic resistance 0
Critical strike chance N/A
Attack speed 0.833
Movement speed 530
Initial spawn time 1:55
Respawn time 3:00

A Rabid Wolf was a neutral monster in League of Legends described in game as "An extremely fast, Dangerous monster that deals heaps of damage. Slay this monster to temporarily bless your champion, causing 20% increased damage dealt".

Due to the remake of the Twisted Treeline , it no longer exists or can be encountered

File:Rabid wolf.png

The Rabid Wolf on Twisted Treeline


Rabid Wolf camp location in Twisted Treeline.