This article denotes the cancelled champion, Priscilla. For the Spider Queen, see Elise Elise.
the Spider Queen
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英雄屬性 TBA 上線時間 Cancelled
生命值 N/A 攻擊力 N/A
生命回復 N/A 攻擊速度 N/A
魔法值 N/A 護甲 N/A
魔法回復 N/A 魔法抗性 N/A
射程 N/A 跑速 N/A

From the LOL Viewer

Priscilla The Spider Queen is an unreleased champion that was left in the development stage by Riot Games, and her artwork and spell icons are present in the game files.

It was rumored that Spider Queen was reworked into Nidalee Nidalee. In early development, Nidalee attack's and abilities applied poison and Prowl Prowl granted her stealth.. However, on May 22, 2010, Coronach (Associate Game Designer) stated: "To fuel more speculation, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger is not Averdrian and Nidalee Nidalee is not the Spider Queen." [1]

She may have been based upon the DotA hero "Broodmother " seeing as they are both spiders with similar skill concepts.

On August 19, a sneak preview of Urgot Urgot was released. Urgot's four mechanical legs gave him a profile similar to Priscilla's, and it was rumored that she had been reworked into Urgot, but this was later disproven. [1]

There was a poll on the LoL Forums attempting to bring the Spider Queen into the game here.

Priscilla's Blessing Priscilla's Blessing, a new item released for Dominion in September 2011 may have had a correlation to Priscilla because of the name and the fact that the item grants a higher capture rate and spiders are known to capture enemies, although the item was removed shortly afterwards.

On October 17, the champion spotlight for Elise, the Spider Queen Elise, the Spider Queen was released as part of Harrowing 2012 (a Halloween event). It is likely that Elise is the response to community demand for Priscilla's return, although her kit and design has changed dramatically (from an Agility/AD Carry to a Mage/AP Carry). [2]

Ability images and names extracted from the game files[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Lining them up, Priscilla's old icons and names match that of the character she was based off of "Broodmother". For the record:

  • Inject Spiderlings = Spawn Spiderlings
  • Ensnare + Camouflage = Spin Web
  • Corpsemaker = Incapacitating Bite
  • Thirst = Insatiable Hunger

References[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]