Priscilla's Blessing
Tier Advanced
Stats +25 health regeneration
Passive UNIQUE : +15% Capture Rate (Does not stack with other Capture Rate modifiers)
Active Unique: +30% movement speed for 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Menu Defense > Health regeneration
Item cost 1600g (1100g)
Sell value 770g
Item code 3183

Priscilla's Blessing was an advanced item in League of Legends. It was removed from the game as of V1.0.0.129.

Recipe 编辑


  • Item.png Priscilla's Blessing was the only item that increased the rate of node captures.
  • Item.png Priscilla's Blessing was only available in the game mode Dominion.


  • This item's name is a reference to the cancelled champion Priscilla the Spider Queen. The Spider Queen, at least in title, was then released into the League a year and a half after her initial cancelation as Elise due to popular demand.

Patch History编辑

V1.0.0.129: Removed

  • No longer purchasable in the Dominion game mode.


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