FANDOM is the front-end interface for the player versus player aspect of League of Legends.

Functionality 编辑 is a platform for League of Legends to launch from. It allows you to add friends, check the League of Legends store, and join chat rooms. can be considered a seperate entity from the actual game but the two are linked and can not be used separately.

Adobe AIR 编辑 uses a "runtime environment" called Adobe AIR. It is however directly built in the client, and does not require any download/installation from you.

Season 1 redesign 编辑

The interface received an upgrade when Season 1 kicked off. The redisign included new skin selection, new profile page with more stats, Draft Mode compatibility, and a new look in general. <flashmp3> login music.mp3</flashmp3>

Gallery 编辑

Trivia 编辑

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