Tier Legendary
Stats +350 health
+300 mana
+55 armor
Active Unique Active: Prevents the closest enemy tower from attacking for 2.5 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 7.5 seconds.
Menu Defense > Health
Defense > Armor
Magic > Mana
Item cost 2850g (930g)
Sell value 1995g
Item code 3056

Ohmwrecker is an upcoming item in League of Legends.[1]



  • Ohmwrecker can be used for backdoor attempts as the team can siege a turret without the support of a minion wave by using the active.
    • This strategy can be practiced alone by some champions at some cost of health (or no cost if the turret is already at low health)


  • Item.png Ohmwrecker is named after Ohmwrecker aka the Masked Gamer as a reward for gaining over 1000 referrals. Up until it closed in June of 2012 Ohmwrecker served as the Editor-in-Chief of Voodoo Extreme, a popular gaming site that was originally launched in 1997. Voodoo Extreme covered League of Legends extensively when most other sites disregarded it as an insignificant free-to-play game. Ohmwrecker was also recognized as a winner in the "Minnows to Sharks[2]" program that Riot ran shortly after League of Legends launched, he provided consultation to Riot's executive management that helped lead to the Summoner Showcase and Tribunal, and he served for a short time as an original Test Realm tester. Ohmwrecker now focuses on building his Youtube channel[3] as a partner of The Game Station.
  • Ohmwrecker is phonetically similar to "homewrecker", in reference to its effect. Incidentally, "ohm" is a unit of resistance, and so the name may also be understood as "resistance wrecker".



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