Miyuki Mitsuhashi worked at Riot Games as a Game Designer on League of Legends. She goes by the name Shurelia and DarkShurelia. She is married to Randuin. She joined Riot Games shortly before him and they left together.[1]

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Skills: Forum Aggro Bonus +20

Miyuki started her gaming journey working at Nippon Ichi Software America on the Atelier and Disgaea series of games. After a few years she moved over to work at Blizzard QA to hunt exploits on World of Warcraft and Starcraft II. She has been playing online multiplayer games since their MUD roots as well as older games such as Ultima Online and Ragnarok Online. In her free time she likes to play random asian MMOs, play the Touhou series of shoot 'em ups and help out with her family's Cosplay Store.[2]

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Nekomimi Mode: Donning a stereotypical Kitty Cat hairband and whipping out her legendary weapon "Pinku no Keyboard", Miyuki gains increased speed: Enabling her to fight off monstrous bugs, reply to forum concerns, and ward off imbalances. Unya Nya!

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"Trust me there is nothing bad that happened, and its love all around. The simple reason is that Randuin is going to be moving on from Riot, and has been presented a job opportunity in which we would need to move back home. Since the commute is around 2 hours one-way with traffic, this is unsustainable for me and I cannot commit to that much time. I do hope to maybe come back one day, but for now Randuin's career is far more important than mine."[3]

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