Patch icon May 9, 2009 Patch
Release date (US) May 9, 2009
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May 1, 2009 Patch May 15, 2009 Patch

PVP.Net 编辑

  • New Map – Summoner's Rift Winter Version is now a playable map.
  • AI Controlled Bots – You can now add two Bots to your Game: 易  and Ryze Ryze.

League of Legends 编辑

英雄 编辑

Morgana Morgana Le:

  • REMAKE DarkBinding.png Dark Binding: Fires a line missile (skill shot), the first unit it encounters becomes unable to move for 4 seconds and takes damage over the duration.
  • TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil:
    • Duration decreased to 5 from 7.
    • Periodic Damage Dealt changed to 25/40/55/70/85 per tick from 20/30/40/50/60 per tick (Combine with the Duration adjustment this means it does a total of 425 Damage at Level 5 previously it did 420).
    • Cooldown reduced to 14 from 18.
    • Ability Power Ratio changed to 0.3 from 0.2.
  • REMAKE 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield: Changed Black Shield to a Magic Absorbing shield, while the shield is up, the bearer will be immune to all magic effects until the shield is burned through magic damage. Shield Absorbs 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 + Ability Power.)
  • SoulShackles.png Soul Shackle:
    • No longer stuns on cast, now it slows over the duration (still stuns at the end).
    • Damage changed to 175/250/350 from 150/250/350 on start and finish.
  • REMAKE SoulSiphon.png Empathize: Now causes 5/7.5/10% of Magic Damage dealt by Morgana to heal her.

Sion Sion

  • Stats:
    • Attack Delay offset reduced to .05 from .09 (increased attack speed).
    • Base Health Regeneration increased to 2 from 1.79.
    • Health Regeneration per level increased to 0.2 from 0.15.
  • REMAKE Cannibalism.png Cannibalism: no longer increases max HP on attack, it now heals surrounding allies for 25/37.5/50% of damage dealt.
  • REMAKE Enrage.png Enrage:
    • No longer drains health per second while activated, it now drains 6/8/10/12/14 Health per attack.
    • Kills while this skill is active increase Sion's Max Health by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 Permanently (no cap).

20px Twisted Fate

  • REMAKE Wild Cards Wild Cards:
    • Wild Cards ability has moved to the "Q" key and has a new function: Cardmaster throws three cards in front of him which deal damage to each enemy they pass through.
  • NEW second ability (“W”) Pick a Card Pick a Card:
    • Cardmaster draws cards in a sequential order and gets an added effect on his next attack according to the card he has picked.
      • Blue cards add magic damage and the ability to draw another card.
      • Red cards explode, dealing magic damage to all enemies near the target and slowing their movement for 1 second.
      • Gold cards explode, dealing magic damage to all enemies in an area and stunning them for 1.25 seconds.
  • Destiny.png Destiny:
    • Now reveals Stealthed Units.
    • Destiny will now make Gate.png Gate instant cast while it is active.

Evelynn Evelynn

  • Shadow Walk Shadow Walk: Added a particle as Evelynn is becoming invisible.
  • Ravage.png Ravage: Updated Tooltip, it had incorrect values for –armor.
  • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
  • Improved Evelynn's ability to chase champions.
  • Size of basic hit particle lowered.

Kayle Kayle

  • Stats:
    • Attack speed per level reduced to 1.5 from 2.
    • Attack Delay offset increased to 0.05 from 0.02 (slowed attack speed).
  • Righteous Fury Righteous Fury:
    • Duration reduced to 25 from 30 seconds.
    • Bonus Damage reduced to 30/50/70 from 40/60/80.
    • Splash Damage % reduced to 30/50/70 from 40/60/80.
    • Bonus Attack Range reduced to 350 from 400.

Ryze Ryze

  • RunePrison.png Rune Prison: ability power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.24.

Singed Singe

  • Stats:
    • Armor increased to 14 from 7.75.
    • Armor per level increased to 3 from 2.25.

Tristana Tristana

  • RocketJump.png Rocket Jump:
    • Updated tooltip to correct values (to 60% slow for 2 seconds from 30% slow for 3 seconds).
    • Cast Range changed to 900 from 1000.

Tryndamere Tryndamere

  • Spell Slash Spell Slash:
    • Cooldown changed to 10 from 8-16.
    • Slash's speed now grows with Tryndamere's movement speed.
  • Mocking Shout Mocking Shout:
    • Range increased to compensate for cancast issues.
    • Fixed bug where this spell used Tryndamere's facing instead of the targets.
    • Cooldown increased to 14 from 11.
  • Bloodlust.png Bloodlust:
    • Now properly stacks 2/4/6/8/10 times.
    • Made instant cast.
    • Fixed associated issues with incorrect +atk speed / crit numbers.
    • Bloodlust now adds 5% crit and 8% attack speed per stack.
    • Changed Bloodlust's hit particle.
  • Undying Rage Undying Rage: fixed bug that caused 1 too many stacks of Bloodlust.png Bloodlust.
  • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
  • Fixed a Performance Issue regarding Tryndamere's Passive.
  • Tweaked Trynadmere's Attack Animation.
  • Stats:
    • Base Health increased to 585 from 550.
    • Health gain per level increased to 95 from 80.
    • Fixed a Bug where Tryndamere was not having his Health Regen Increased per level. Now his health regen increases by 0.2 per level.

Twitch Twitch

  • Ambush.png Ambush:
    • Stealth cooldown increased to 11 from 10.
    • Fixed a Bug with Ambush where the fade into stealth time was too long.
  • DeadlyVenom.png Deadly Poison: poison damage reduced to 2/4/6/8 from 3/5/7.
  • Fixed a Bug where Debilitating Poison Debilitating Poison's slow debuff was not properly getting removed by Highlander.png Highlander.
  • Expunge.png Expunge: range reduced.
  • 火力全开.png Spray And Pray:
    • Hit particle improved.
    • Projectile speed increased.
    • Collision size for spray and pray missiles increased to 40 from 25.
    • No longer procs on hit item effects.
  • Updated selection size and pathfinding radius.
  • Improved Twitch's ability to chase champions.

Warwick Warwick

物品 编辑

  • NEW Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion: Mid tier legendary Armor / Magic Resistance / Health item with UNIQUE Passive: +12 Damage / +35 Armor / +40 Magic Resist Aura (Affects Minions).
  • NEW Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil: Mid tier legendary Health / Mana / Magic Resist item with UNIQUE Passive: Block one negative spell every 25 seconds.
  • NEW Doran's Blade item.png Doran's Blade: Cheap Basic item which adds Health / Damage / Attack Speed.
  • NEW Doran's Ring item.png Doran's Ring: Cheap Basic item which adds Health / Mana / Ability Power.
  • NEW Doran's Shield item.png Doran's Shield: Cheap Basic item which adds Health / Armor / Health Regen.
  • NEW Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane: High tier legendary Ability Power / Mana item (which uses Sheen) with UNIQUE Passive: 100% chance when an ability is used that your next physical attack deals +Ability Power bonus damage.
  • NEW Item.png Marduk's Razors: Low tier legendary Attack Speed item with Passive: 15% chance on Attack to instant kill a minion.
  • NEW Item.png Pendant of Zephiris: Low tier legendary Armor / Magic Resistance item with UNIQUE Passive: +25 Armor / +30 Magic Resist Aura (Affects Minions).
  • NEW Item.png Stinger: Low tier legendary Mana Regeneration / Attack Speed item with UNIQUE Passive: Reduces Ability Cooldowns by 10%.
  • NEW Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward: Places an invisible ward which has Magical sight (sees invisible units) for 3 minutes.
  • REMAKE Item.png Thornmail: On being hit, returns 20% of damage taken (20 damage minimum).
    • Added new component Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor, which increased armor to 70 from 50.
    • Increased Recipe cost to 500 from 320.
    • Made this item UNIQUE.
  • REMAKE Item.png Zhonya's Ring of the Mindreamer: This item now 'Increases Ability Power by 25%'.
    • Mana reduced to 500 from 550.
    • Made this item UNIQUE.
  • Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter: magic resistance debuff aura increased to 40 from 30.
  • Item.png Atma's Impaler:
    • +Health effect removed and +65 Armor added.
    • Combine cost increased to 800 gold from 750.
    • Attack damage bonus increased to 2% from 1.5% of max health.
  • Item.png Avarice Blade / Item.png Kage's Lucky Pick / Item.png Philosopher's Stone: gold gain per 10 seconds increased to 5 from 4.
  • Boots of Swiftness item.png Boots of Swiftness: Combine cost increased to 570 from 475.
  • Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper:
    • Fixed a bug which gave it an ability power ratio of 1.
    • Fixed a bug which caused it to do bonus damage based on ability power.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer item.png Mejai's Soulstealer: Combine cost reduced to 500 gold from 600.
  • Item.png Regrowth Pendant: Health regen per 5 reduced to 18 from 20.
  • Made Item.png Soul Shroud accessible from the health section.
  • Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape:
    • Armor reduced to 50 from 60.
    • Recipe changed: Now requires 1x Giant's Belt item.png Giant's Belt instead of 2x Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystals (didn't affect +Health).
  • Item.png Tiamat:
    • Combine cost increased to 500 gold from 400.
    • Damage decreased to 45 from 50.
  • Updated proc on cast spell tooltips to state that they only take effect on spells with at least one second cooldown.
  • Updated Tooltips which had multiple passives to read better.

Summoner Spells 编辑

  • REMAKE Exhaust.png Exhaust: Exhaust no longer silences, it now blinds the target (100% miss chance).
  • Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance: cooldown increased to 180 from 90 sec.
  • Flash.png Flash: cooldown reduced to 210 from 240 sec.
  • Fortify.png Fortify: cooldown to 270 from 300 sec.
  • Ghost.png Ghost: cooldown increased to 210 from 180 sec.
  • Promote.png Promote: Siegerider's cleave increased to 80% from 40%.
  • Teleport.png Teleport: cooldown decreased to 4 from 5 minutes.
  • Awareness Awareness: bonus experience awarded reduced to +4/6/8/10% from +4/8/12/16%.

General 编辑

  • Various Tooltip fixes and updates.
  • Increased Neutral Minion Respawn time from 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Increased damage of Shrine Turrets from 400 to 600.
  • Stealth Characters (Twitch and Evelynn) will now have their fade timer reset when they take damage while fading.
  • You can now cancel your stealth by re-activating your stealth ability.
  • Enhanced Logging for Disconnects.

HUD 编辑

  • Returned minimap to always facing the camera direction.
  • Can no longer focus target an enemy hero from the minimap.
  • Shop items have a gold border if you already own in requirements graph.
  • Shop recipes now show total cost to you as their price in the main shop.
  • Tooltip of items in your inventory while in shop show how much you will get for selling back.
  • You can now view shop items (but not purchase or sell) from anywhere on the map.
  • Shop can be toggled with the P button.
  • Pings can now also be done with alt-left click.
  • You now get the visual range indicator of spells when you mouseover a spell you have learned. This is helpful for PBAOEs like Starcall.
  • Dead player names no longer appear for dead players. Healthbars now disappear for all dead units.
  • You can now select heroes who are dead through the UI to see their inventories.

Bug Fixes 编辑

  • Fixed issue with Volume being reset to 0 at the end of a game. (Will still need to turn it back up your first game).
  • Fixed a bug where hero bounty was much less than it was supposed to be.
  • Fixed issues with target's items not showing their background image, and not giving tooltips.
  • Fixed issues where health of targets and self in HUD was sometimes slightly incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where some neutral minions names had extra symbols at the end of their names.
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