Lesser Wraith
Wraith profileicon
Gold: 3 (+0.054 / min) Experience: 15
(+0.16 / min)
Health 250 (+18 / min)
Mana 0
Attack damage 10 (+0.33 / min)
Range 100?
Armor 5
Magic resistance 0
Critical strike chance 0%?
Attack speed 0.638/sec
Movement speed 330
Initial spawn time 1:40
Respawn time 0:50/1:15

A Lesser Wraith is a neutral monster in League of Legends described in game as "An extremely fragile monster that takes less damage from physical attacks and steals life each time it strikes".

The Lesser Wraiths can be found in groups of 3 along a 20px Wraith on Summoner's Rift, where they respawn every 50 seconds; also in a similar group on Twisted Treeline where it respawns in 75 seconds instead, alternating with a group containing a 20px Golem, 20px Lizard, and 20px Young Lizard.

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