Iceborn Gauntlet
Iceborn Gauntlet item.png
Tier Legendary
Stats +40 ability power
+500 mana
+60 armor
+15% cooldown reduction
Passive Unique Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 125% of your base attack damage to surrounding enemies and creates a field for 3 seconds that slows enemies inside by 35% (2 second cooldown).
Menu Defense > Armor
Magic > Ability Power
Magic > Cooldown Reduction
Magic > Mana
Item cost 3400g (640g)
Sell value 2380g

Iceborn Gauntlet is an upcoming item in League of Legends.[1]


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  • Unlike other items with a proc slow, e.g. Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force, Iceborn Gauntlet's proc slow is not reduced when used by a ranged champion.
  • The slow will trigger against towers. It is currently unconfirmed whether the area damage still applies.
  • This item is useful for AP bruisers and assassins, especially when combined with Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment.
  • Despite looking like a frozen Brawler's Gloves item.png Brawler's Gloves, it is not used in the build and Iceborn Gaunlet grants no critical strike chance.



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