A hotfix is a change made to the game that includes one or more files that are used to solve certain problems in the game. Generally, hotfixes are made to solve specific issues affecting gameplay.

In most cases, hotfixes are deployed when a change is deemed critical enough that it cannot be held off until a regular content patch. They usually only require a server-side change with no download involved and can be implemented with little or no downtime. Due to time constraints, hotfixes cannot be tested extensively, and as such are riskier than regular patches. Tooltips, graphics or other content stored in the game client cannot be changed with a server-side hotfix, and instead require a downloadable fix.

As mentioned above, hotfixes are generally deployed when an issue is important enough to warrant an immediate fix. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Urgent balancing (as seen with LeBlanc LeBlanc and Lee Sin Lee Sin).
  • Fixing bugs that greatly hinder gameplay.
  • Fixing bugs that prevent or exploit the intended use of the game's features.
  • Reverting changes made unintentionally in a patch.

List of Hotfixes 编辑

Below is a table mentioning notable changes from each hotfix, and a link to their release notes.

Related Patch Hotfix Date Notable Changes Link
V1.0.0.147 13-Sep-2012 Fixed a bug that was creating issues with reconnecting to games. Sep 13 Hotfix
V1.0.0.147 13-Sep-2012 Fixed a bug that was preventing players from banning certain champions. Sep 13 Hotfix
V1.0.0.144 07-Aug-2012 Nerfs to Zyra Zyra and minor bug fixes. Aug 7 Hotfix
V1.0.0.144 01-Aug-2012 New AFK detection for matchmade games Aug 1 Hotfix
V1.0.0.141 29-Jun-2012 Fixed various gameplay bugs. Jun 29 Hotfix
V1.0.0.140 31-May-2012 Fixed small visual bugs and an issue where champions would become stuck in walls. May 31 Hotfix
V1.0.0.138 23-Apr-2012 New skin: 加里奥头像.png Gatekeeper Galio. Galio nerfs introduced with this hotfix were reverted on the 24th. --
V1.0.0.138 20-Apr-2012 Fixed several major animation and functionality bugs. Apr. 20 Hotfix
V1.0.0.136 12-Apr-2012 Fixed some performance issues that prevented some players from finishing games. Apr. 12 Hotfix
V1.0.0.136 4-Apr-2012 In-game store bug fixes and performance enhancements. Apr. 4 Hotfix
V1.0.0.136 22-Mar-2012 Fixed a bug introduced in patch V1.0.0.136 where locked cameras would unlock when clicking on the minimap. Mar. 22 Hotfix
V1.0.0.134 23-Feb-2012 Performed some enhancements and bug fixes on the in-game store. Feb. 23 Hotfix
V1.0.0.134 21-Feb-2012 Several champion bug fixes and some nerfs to Shen Shen following his recent buffs. Feb. 21 Hotfix
V1.0.0.134 14-Feb-2012 Several bug fixes, including issues with ranked ratings and the champion selection screen. Feb. 14 Hotfix
V1.0.0.133 8-Feb-2012 Fixed a bug where AI Bots caused some games to crash. Feb. 8 Hotfix
V1.0.0.131 31-Dec-2011 Several bug fixes for Viktor Viktor. Dec. 31 Hotfix
V1.0.0.131 21-Dec-2011 Renamed Ahri Ahri's passive and fixed some bugs with Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor and Baron Nashor Baron Nashor. Dec. 21 Hotfix
V1.0.0.131 15-Dec-2011 Fixed some issues with the new champion details pages. Dec. 15 Hotfix
V1.0.0.129 17-Nov-2011 Several bug fixes including issues with jungle experience and Vayne 薇恩SilverBolts.png Silver Bolts. Nov. 17 Hotfix
V1.0.0.125 20-Sep-2011 Several buffs to Riven Riven's stats and abilities. Sep. 20 Hotfix
V1.0.0.118 12-May-2011 Fixed some bugs with Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel. May 12 Hotfix
V1.0.0.118 10-May-2011 Several champion bug fixes. May 10 Hotfix
V1.0.0.116 28-Apr-2011 Several fixes to bugs introduced in V1.0.0.116. Apr. 28 Hotfix
V1.0.0.114 5-Apr-2011 Increased Lee Sin Lee Sin's ratios and innate's energy restoration. Apr. 5 Hotfix
V1.0.0.112 9-Mar-2010 Fixed some balance issues with minions: changed spawn times, resistances and damage. Mar. 9 Hotfix
V1.0.0.104 4-Nov-2010 Reduced LeBlanc LeBlanc's damage, increased her mana costs and adjusted her stats. Nov. 4 Hotfix
V1.0.0.96 14-Jul-2010 Fixed a bug related to champion filtering and ranked game champion select. Jul. 14 Hotfix
V1.0.0.72 3-Feb-2010 Fixed a bug that enabled certain spells to be double cast. Feb. 3 Hotfix
V1.0.0.32 30-Oct-2009 Small game client fixes. Oct. 30 Hotfix
V1.0.0.32 25-Oct-2009 Several bug fixes and reset to Summoner information prior to the game's official launch. Oct. 25 Hotfix
V0.9.25.24 5 & 6-Oct-2009 Several champion adjustments and bug fixes. Oct. 5-6 Hotfix
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