Grez, The Lizard Lord
Lizard Elder profileicon.png
Melee, Buff
Gold: 50 Experience: 160
Health 1400 + 175 per player level
Mana 0
Attack damage 95
Range 100?
Armor 12
Magic resistance 0
Critical strike chance 0%
Attack speed 0.625/sec
Movement speed 330
Initial spawn time 2:10
Respawn time 4:00

Grez The Lizard Lord was a neutral monster in League of Legends described in game as "A melee monster with large amounts of health. Killing this foe grants a slowing attack that deals damage over time.". It used to spawn on Twisted Treeline, in the center of the map with no other monsters around it. Due to the remake of the Twisted Treeline , it no longer exists or can be encountered

When killed, Grez granted his killer the Blessing of the Lizard Elder Blessing of the Lizard Elder buff, where every hit deals 10-44 (10 at level 1, increasing by 2 damage for every level gained) bonus true damage twice and slows enemies (8/16/24% for melee or 5/10/15% for ranged attacks) for 3 seconds.


Grez camp location in Twisted Treeline.

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Patch History[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Magic resistance increased to 0 from -20.


  • Health per player level increased to 175 from 150.
  • Magic resistance increased to -20 from -30.
  • Gold granted reduced to 50 from 100.


  • Removed global gold and experience rewards.


  • Size increased by 20%.
  • Base health increased to 1400 from 1100.
  • Armor decreased to 12 from 20.



  • Grez Grez now spawns at 2:30 on Twisted Treeline.

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