Ancient Golem profileicon.png
Gold: 15 (+0.23 / min) Experience: 38 (+1.6 / min)
Health 500 (+37 / min)
Mana 0
Attack damage 30 (+1.3 / min)
Range 150
Armor 12
Magic resistance -10
Critical strike chance 0%
Attack speed 0.613/sec
Movement speed 350
Initial spawn time 1:40
Respawn time 1:00/1:15

A Golem is a neutral monster in League of Legends described as "a slow attacking monster that deals large amounts of damage and has a large amount of health".

The Golem can be found with a Big Golem Big Golem both on Summoner's Rift and on Twisted Treeline. It can also be found with a Lizard Lizard and Young Lizard Young Lizard on Twisted Treeline.:

Like all other monsters, golems only recieve their bonus health and damage from time on spawn, and recieves its bonus on a per second basis

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