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Gold per 10, often inaccurately referred to as gold per 5, refers to the amount of gold generated passively every ten seconds. In Classic (Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline) the champion passively earns 16 gold per 10 seconds, in Dominion the passive gold gain is 56 gold per 10 seconds. It has been found that when combining all the possible extra sources of gold generation in addition to the base generation rate, the overall result is 34.25 gold per 10 seconds, or about 3.4 gold generated every second on classic, and 74.25 gold per 10, or about 7.4 gold per second on dominion.

The following items, mastery, and runes increase gold generation per 10 seconds:

You may also try this free tool which illustrates your bonus gold gain and allows you to plan your build accordingly.

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