Effects Allied capture point: quickly restores the neutralized portion and increases its attack speed for 8 seconds. Interrupts nearby enemy champion's neutralization.
Enemy capture point: Reduces damage by 80% for 8 seconds.
(Cannot be cast on neutral capture point.)
Cooldown 210
Cast range 1000 (estimated)
Breaks stealth? N/A
Level 1
Related mastery Summoner's Resolve Summoner's Resolve
Mastery effect Your turret deals 50% splash damage
Garrison in action

Garrison is a summoner spell in League of Legends exclusively available to the Dominion game mode. It has two opposite effects, depends on the casting target.

Strategy 编辑

  • Save Garrison for the partially neutralized allied capture point rather than a "healthy" one to take advantage of its regeneration function.
  • When using Garrison on the enemy capture point, all players should focus on defeating the enemy champion. Because if the player starts neutralizing the capture point, it will stop attacking, defeating the purpose to activate the spell.
  • Casting Garrison on the capture point that is already under the effect of another one's Garrison (regardless of which side) will overwrite the previous one. Try to avoid casting it by more than one ally before its effect fades.
  • The negative effect of Garrison on enemy capture point is aesthetically indicated by a stream of pink halos descending on top of the center of the capture point.
  • Garrison on allied capture point is ineffective when you are severely outnumbered. Because the opponents can have one champion to start neutralizing (disarming the turret function in the same time) while the others to attack the lone defending champion. In such condition, it is preferably to cast some safe harassment and retreat immediately instead of defending and wasting the Garrison on it.

Trivia 编辑

  • Although Garrison.png Garrison substituted Fortify.png Fortify in the Dominion mode (prior to the latter's removal) and shares a similar icon design, it does not have a global range and can only affect one, rather than all structures in the battlefield.

Patch history 编辑


  • Garrison.png Garrison now correctly applies assists to the caster.


  • Now usable at Summoner Level 1, down from Summoner Level 4.


  • Garrison.png Garrison has been changed to be an untargeted spell, similar to Promote.png Promote. It will only become castable when in range of an eligible capture point.
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