Dodge was a champion statistic that granted a champion a percentage chance to completely ignore an autoattack from an aggressor. Dodge was gradually removed from the game as a global champion statistic from patches V1.0.0.124 through V1.0.0.132.

Calculations 编辑

The dodge formula was a multiplicatively cumulative formula. By default, each champion has a dodge modifier of 100, meaning they will be hit by every physical attack directed at them. Sources that modify the dodge stat are multiplied in sequence, reducing the previous dodge modifier by the given percentage.

This means that each increase in the dodge chance has less of an impact on the total dodge modifier. If a champion wears an item that increases dodge chance by 10%, their dodge modifier will be 90% of 100, or 90 (10% of physical attacks are dodged). If the champion buys a second such item, their dodge modifier will be 90% of 90, or 81 (19% of attacks are dodged), not 80% of 100.

In short the formula is:


where the variables a, b, c, and n are the dodge % values and are converted to their respective decimal values.

In calculating the dodge modifier, dodge chance from all runes are added together and treated as one source, with every mastery, champion ability, and individual items added as additional sources after that.

Increasing dodge 编辑

Items 编辑

  • Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi: Unique passive: 12% dodge, 25 armor, Unique passive: Enhanced movement 2. 750 gold. (dodge removed in V1.0.0.132)
  • Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer: 20% dodge, 50% attack speed, 30% critical strike, 15% movement speed. 2345 gold. (dodge removed in V1.0.0.107)

Champion abilities 编辑

Runes 编辑

  • Quintessences and Seals of Evasion increased dodge chance. Players were refunded the spent IP when they were removed in V1.0.0.132.
    • Even though they were removed, tank bots still use them.
Name Type Tier 1 (Lesser) Tier 2 (Normal) Tier 3 (Greater)



GSeals (2)


65 IP


330 IP


820 IP


Quintessences (3)


165 IP


820 IP


2050 IP

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