David Turley is currently working at Riot Games as a Community Coordinator. He is known by the name Phreak.

Skills: Uber Micro +5, Speech Craft +60

Profile 编辑

Hailing from the competitive Warcraft 3 scene, David “Top 5 World” “Phreak” Bringing his Northern California pride with him, David (known as Phreak in the Riot office) was told by his pro-team’s manager’s ex-roommate David Dunne to apply for an internship at Riot. After taking #1 on the normal games ladder in December 2009 and proving that he could talk just as fast when referencing League of Legends, he was instantly hired and stuck out to make a name for himself in the eyes of all the League’s summoners.

Special Ability 编辑

Get on my Level: Phreak is known for many battle cries on the Fields of Justice. While being surprised by an opposing Master Yi Master Yi or taking pride in his exploits as Corki Corki, Phreak’s most notable exclamation is urging opponents to “get on [his] level.” That said, Phreak gives out first blood in about 40% of his games.

Phreak also has the ability to get tri-force and jungle every champion.

Trivia 编辑

  • Phreak is responsible for videos released by Riot Games, such as the Champion Spotlights and Patch Previews.
  • Phreak himself became a meme in the League of Legends fanbase, typically due to him using his catchphrase "tons of damage" excessively in his Champion Spotlight and jungling with unorthodox junglers. One of the earliest examples of that are the old Sivir Sivir champion spotlight in which he recommends players to run Smite.png Smite and Rally.png Rally and jungle with Sivir Sivir and the Irelia Irelia champion spotlight in which he states that she's a good jungler, while in reality she was sub-par at the role at best. Since then Phreak has greatly improved his Champion Spotlights but still refers to these memes jokingly.

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