Crest of Crushing Wrath
This unit's health and mana are regenerating, and this champion has increased attack speed and cooldown reduction
with Runic Affinity (mastery) Runic Affinity

The Crest of Crushing Wrath is a buff in League of Legends available only on Twisted Treeline. The buff can be identified by purple spectral runes swirling at high-speed around the champion.

The buff grants bonus health and mana regeneration as well as increased attack speed and cooldown reduction.

How to Get 编辑

Patch history 编辑

  • 20px Ebonmaw has been removed. 20px Vilemaw will now grant the buff.
  • Will now grant bonus health and mana regeneration, attack speed and cooldown reduction.


  • 20px Ebonmaw no longer grants the Crest of Crushing Wrath buff.png Crest of Crushing Wrath buff to dead allied champions.
  • Now has a proper cooldown timer.


  • Adjusted to increase damage by 1% per level.

Previous Effects 编辑

Trivia 编辑

  • The previous icon used for this buff was originally designed as an ability icon for 20px Well, a cancelled champion.

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