Boots of Mobility
Boots of Mobility item.png
Boots of Mobility
Tier Advanced
Passive Unique: Enhanced Movement 2. When out of combat for 5 seconds the effect of these boots is increased to Enhanced Movement 5.
Menu Movement
Item cost 1000g (650g)
Sell value 700g
Item code 3117

Boots of Mobility are an advanced item in League of Legends.[1] They are often favored by players for ganking or pushing as it allows incredibly fast movement between lanes. This item also gives roamers faster transition between lanes.

  • Enhanced Movement 5 increases the base movement speed of a champion by 130.

Taking or receiving damage from any source (including champions, monsters, towers, and minions) counts as combat and will result in movement speed 2. The application of any non-damaging combat debuff (such as exhaust) to an opponent will trigger this state as well. Heals, and buffs to allies are not counted as combat. Movement speed 5 will be restored once a champion has not taken or received a combat triggering event for 5 seconds.

There is no range limitation for damage dealt for the induction of the combat state and damage over time spells and abilities reset the timer for each tick of damage.



  • This item is especially useful if you don't have a Teleport.png Teleport to switch lanes.
  • This item is good in particular early-mid game on roaming champions, that want to quickly gank different lanes. They lose most value when team fights start to happen. It also allows for chasing and escaping.
  • The full movement speed bonus of this item is in fact almost never in effect. All champions have a base movement speed of at least 300, adding 130 from Enhanced Movement 5 yields a movement speed of at least 430, over the 415 movement speed at which soft-capping kicks in. Therefore the only case in which this item would provide its full benefit is when your champion is slowed, but not in combat.

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Patch History编辑

  • Will now mark you in combat for receiving/dealing any damage, even if it is absorbed by shields.



  • Fixed an issue causing you to retain the movement speed 5 despite dealing damage.
  • Reduced movement speed 5 reset time to 5 from 7.
  • Updated Tooltip.


  • Reduced the out of combat time to 7 from 8 seconds.



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