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An altar being captured

An altar is an area in the map, Twisted Treeline. There are 2 altars which are on opposite sides of the map. These altars are captured by simply standing on top of it for roughly 8 seconds. When captured, an altar is sealed for 90 seconds and provides the capturing team a buff that would help in the games progress.

Gameplay 编辑

When one altar is captured, it will grant +3 gold on kills, much like Loaded Dice Loaded Dice. When two altars are captured it will also grant +10% attack damage and ability power. Altars also give vision of themselves to both teams.

The altars each have their own sets of quotes upon being captured. Some of these quotes are specific to champions aligned with the Shadow Isles.

The amount captured decays over time (if a capture is interrupted) at the same rate as it increased regardless of how many champions opposed to the capture are present. A capture can be halted by having a champion opposed to the capturing team on the altar, but this only pauses the capture; in order to reverse the capture, the capturing champion(s) must be knocked off the altar. Capturing is unaffected by recalling (in that, a champion recall while capturing).

Unlike the Dominion towers, the capturing champion taking damage does not interrupt. To stop the seize of the altar an opposing champion must stand upon the altar in order to have an effect on the capture.

West Altar Quotes 编辑

"Endless conflict."
"They will regret coming here!"
"Please, end my torment!"
"You must destroy us! ALL OF US!"
"The curse can never be broken."
"I still remember. Only fragments... but, I remember."
"Has he forgotten me?"
"The shadow of death."
"Nothing ever changes."
"Their graves awaits"
"No rest in death."
"They will share my torment!"
"Eternal suffering!"
"This place was once so... beautiful."
"I serve you because I must."
"I aid you because I must."
  • (The rest are her breathing)

When captured by Elise OriginalSquare Elise:

"Your power is not worth the price, Elise."
"Your humanity traded away, and for what?"

When captured by Hecarim OriginalSquare Hecarim:

"Remember who you once were, Hecarim!"
"Mordekaiser is not to be trusted, Hecarim!"
"I aid you because I must, Hecarim."

When captured by Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus:

"What kind of man embraces death?"
"No good will come from your sorcery, Karthus."
"I also hear the songs of the dead."

When captured by Mordekaiser OriginalSquare Mordekaiser:

"Mordekaiser... are you also a prisoner?"
"I serve you, because I must, Mordekaiser."

When captured by Yorick OriginalSquare Yorick:

"Alas, poor Yorick!"
"Are you lonely Yorick?"
"As you wish, Gravedigger."

When captured by any Shadow Isles champion (including Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn):

"Their death is inevitable."
"Our plague spreads."
"For the King!"
"Misery loves company."
"Finish them quickly."

East Altar Quotes 编辑

"The living must fall!"
"Fear the Shadow Isles!"
"Everything will die."
"For the glory of the Shadow Isles!"
"We will be unleashed!"
"Kill them! KILL THEM ALL!"
"Sometimes I - I can almost remember... her face."
"I will aid you, for now."
"Bring swift death!"
"Make them one of us!"
"The Shadow Isles hunger for souls!"
"They will rise as one of us!"
"Slay, and be slain!"
"There can only be one end to this!"
"I grant you my aid."
  • (The rest are him laughing)

When captured by Elise OriginalSquare Elise:

"The spider welcomes you, Elise."
"We thank you for your gifts, Elise."

When captured by Hecarim OriginalSquare Hecarim:

"Lead our charge Hecarim, and let the living tremble!"
"They will fear the thundering hooves of the dead!"

When captured by Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus:

"A man who chose to join us... Glorious."
"Unleash us, Karthus!"
"I serve you willingly, Lich."
"The dark requiem will be the last thing they hear!"

When captured by Mordekaiser OriginalSquare Mordekaiser:

"I serve you gladly, Mordekaiser."
"Free me, my lord, so I may aid you!"

When captured by Yorick OriginalSquare Yorick:

"Get to your task, gravedigger! Make our numbers endless!"
"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"
"Slay them, gravedigger! Make them serve us!"

When captured by any Shadow Isles champion (including Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn):

"The living must die!"
"Make them suffer!"
"This place will be their tomb!"
"Bind their spirits to the Shadow Isles!"

Trivia 编辑

  • The phrase "Alas, poor Yorick" is a reference to the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
  • The phrase "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!" is a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The west altar behaves agressivly against the Shadow Isles Champions , reminding them their apparent errors , mocking them , and questioning them.
    • On the other hand the east altar behaves friendly to them , asking them for help , glorifying them and offering them his service.
  • The West altar is often referred to as the "Lady" and the east altar as the "Lord" due to the images that appear after capturing them and their voices.
  • Twisted Fate OriginalSquare Twisted Fate's Gate Gate is a useful way to capture both altars in quick succession because its range is slightly larger than the distance between the two altars.
  • The western altar's quote, "This place was once so... beautiful.", suggests that the Shadow Isles, and all its inhabitants, were transformed by the some past event, possibly the Rune wars.
  • The two spirits that appear when an altar is captured are husband and wife. They died there 1,000 years ago.[1]
  • The reason why Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn has no quotes coming from the altars is that Riot didn't want to give too much information about her lore. But they did, however, confirm that she did come from the Shadow Isles.[2]
  • The western altar shares a quote with Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn and Mordekaiser OriginalSquare Mordekaiser; "Misery loves company."

References 编辑

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