The Black Cleaver
Black Cleaver item.png
Tier Legendary
Stats +250 health
+50 attack damage
+10% cooldown reduction
Unique: +10 armor penetration
Passive Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 6.25% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
Menu Attack > Damage
Magic > Cooldown Reduction
Defense > Health
Item cost 3000g (1188g)
Sell value 2100g
Item code 3071

The Black Cleaver is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1]

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  • The Black Cleaver item.png Black Cleaver debuff counts per target. Multiple Black Cleaver item.png Black Cleavers on the same champion or across multiple champions will only apply stacks of the debuff faster, but the max cap will still be 4 on each target.
  • The armor reduction only applies to enemy champions; it will not affect structures, minions, or neutral monsters.
  • The very first auto attack does not get the benefit of the armor reduction. Physical damage from the auto attack is calculated first, and the debuff is applied after. This means the full benefit of the reduction is seen on the 5th hit, after all 4 stacks have been applied.
  • As always, armor reduction benefits the entire team (as opposed to penetration, which benefits only the one attacker). With a single target and a single attacker, all four stacks of the armor reduction passive still don't match up to Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper, but the effect becomes more useful as soon as allies are attacking with the Black Cleaver item.png Black Cleaver holder.
  • The passive triggers not only auto-attacks but on any effect which deals physical damage, such as Urgot 厄加特AcidHunter.png Acid Hunter.

Patch history 编辑

  • Armor Reduction per stack reduced to 6.25% from 7.5% (Maximum reduction is now 25% from 30%)
  • Flat Armor Penetration reduced to 10 from 15 and is now unique.

V1.0.0.152: Rework

  • Recipe: Item.png The Brutalizer + Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystal
  • Item cost: 3000
  • Combine cost: 1188
  • +250 health
  • +50 attack damage
  • +10% cooldown reduction
  • +15 armor penetration
  • Passive: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 7.5% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 4 times.



  • Fixed a bug where it didn't appear in the attack speed tab.


  • Recipe changed: Now requires B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword + Item.png Dagger+ 795g
    • Old recipe: B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword + Long Sword item.png Long Sword + 800g
    • Damage reduced to 55 from 75.
    • Now adds 30% increased attack speed.
    • Unique passive - Now shreds 15 armor per stack from 12 but has a maximum of 3 stacks from 5.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Attack damage reduced to 75 from 80.

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