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  • UmbraBlades.png Umbra Blades allows Nocturne Nocturne to jungle well. Attack speed runes and his ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness work well with jungling, additionally making UmbraBlades.png Umbra Blades to occur more often due to cooldown going down with every autoattack landed.
  • Using Duskbringer.png Duskbringer is an effective way to chase or escape an enemy.
  • Be sure to hit your target with Duskbringer.png Duskbringer when you are ganking, it is vital in closing the distance and staying on your target.
  • Stealthed champions hit by Duskbringer.png Duskbringer will leave a trail, allowing you to momentarily observe their movements despite their invisibility.
  • Duskbringer.png Duskbringer can be a good tool when attacking turrets. A well aimed Duskbringer.png Duskbringer may not only damage oncoming minions, but also gives you the benefits of a Dusk Trail, allowing you to do more damage to the turret. However, this tactic should be used with caution if an enemy champion is nearby, as hitting an enemy champion with Duskbringer.png Duskbringer will cause the turret's priority to change to you.
  • UnspeakableHorror.png Unspeakable Horror has great synergy with Duskbringer.png Duskbringer. You can either use the fear to ensure landing Duskbringer.png Duskbringer or vice versa.
  • Enemy champions closing on you might not see UnspeakableHorror.png Unspeakable Horror in time. Use this to your advantage.
  • Using UnspeakableHorror.png Unspeakable Horror as an excellent tool to fend against two, it gives great surviving capabilities.
  • Save your ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness if you don't require it. It can be essential for surviving ganks or ganking others.
    • A well timed ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness can turn fights in your favor. Time it to avoid high damage abilities such as Requiem.png Requiem or hard CC.
  • Early and mid game, Paranoia.png Paranoia is a great way to pounce on an overextended opponent for an easy kill. Late game it becomes a useful dash during teamfights ensuring that nobody escapes with low health.
    • Even if you aren't near the fight, don't be afraid to use your to confuse and separate the other team.
    • Using it during a teamfight in the jungle is extra powerful because the enemies outside of brush completely lose sight inside of it due to a lack of shared sight. It can cause them to unknowingly split up in the confusion.
  • Nocturne Nocturne becomes more powerful with more map vision. His Paranoia.png Paranoia does not reveal the enemy champions, so you must have vision of them in order to dash to them. Because of this getting Stealth Ward (Item) item.png Sight Wards and placing them around the map is highly recommended.
  • Nocturne 魔腾Paranoia.png Paranoia can only target enemies in the radius of Paranoia.png Paranoia and with sight. For this reason, 20px 崔斯特Destiny.png Destiny synergizes well as it gives sight to all enemies, even invisible champions and ones in brush, allowing Nocturne Nocturne to be able to hit a target in the fog of war.



  • While powerful in utility, Nocturne Nocturne is lacking in stats. Early survivability items can boost his gameplay noticeably.
  • Nocturne Nocturne is a great backdoorer. When a turret is low use your ultimate and secretly push it.
    • It is likely that prepared enemies are quickly getting an Item.png Oracle's Elixir to counter wards or Stealth Ward (Item) item.png Sight Wards to scout for Nocturne Nocturne. Prepare to counter them fast and properly as soon as possible. Getting your own Oracle's Elixir to counter their wards is an effective way to keep opponents unaware of your location and create optimal ganking opportunities.
    • It's also advised to maintain good map control and counter enemy map control so you can more effectively surprise enemies with low Health when Paranoia.png Paranoia available.
  • Enemies immediately prepare for being attacked as soon as Paranoia.png Paranoia clouds the screen. Use this to your advantage before reacting too hectic.
  • Having at least one Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance on your team is a great way for you to aim champion enemies with Paranoia.png Paranoia.
  • Nocturne Nocturne features Carry and Assassin skill sets. Therefore, grabbing some Attack Damage is recommended.
  • Nocturne Nocturne can jungle because of UmbraBlades.png Umbra Blades. Depending on Runes, a Nocturne Nocturne has the choice of starting with a Vampiric Scepter item.png Vampiric Scepter/Long Sword item.png Long Sword and (attack speed runes) or Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor, 5x Health Potion item.png Health Potions and(armor penetration runes).


  • Starting items: Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor, Health Potion item.png Health Potion x5 OR Vampiric Scepter item.png Vampiric Scepter
  • Skill progression: Duskbringer.png DuskbringerShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of DarknessDuskbringer.png DuskbringerUnspeakableHorror.png Unspeakable HorrorDuskbringer.png DuskbringerParanoia.png Paranoia
  • Jungling order: Wolves → Blue Golem (Smite) → Wraiths → Wolves → Small Golems → Wraiths → Fountain → Red Lizard (Smite) → Gank
  • Advanced Alt Route: Enemy Wraiths (Smite, leave 1 mini wraith) → Wolves → Wraiths → Mini Golems (Smite) → Recall (Health Potion item.png Health Potion and Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed or Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor) → Blue Golem (Smite) → gank or continue jungling
  • Alternate route: Blue golem (smite) → Gank → wolves → wraiths → Red golem (smite) → mini golems →wolves → gank again
  • Advanced Counter Jungling Route: Wraiths (DPS from team) → Red Lizard (Smite, DPS and Leash from team) → Wolves → Blue Golem → Gank Enemy Red Lizard


Doran's Shield  Berserker's Greaves  The Brutalizer 
女妖面纱  The Bloodthirster  Infinity Edge 
Ruby Crystal  Berserker's Greaves  Phage 
幽梦之灵  黑色切割者  Phantom Dancer 


  • Although Nocturne Nocturne lane dominance is great because of his UmbraBlades.png Umbra Blades and Duskbringer.png Duskbringer, He is very squishy early game. Putting an aggresive pressure on him will make him underleveled or underfarmed.
    • Keep in mind however that he is resilient to zoning because of the spell shield from his ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness.
  • Try to juke to avoid Duskbringer.png Duskbringer because this will increase Nocturne Nocturne's movement speed if it hits you.
  • Breaking UnspeakableHorror.png Unspeakable Horror's leash can be critical to your survival.
  • If ShroudofDarkness.png Shroud of Darkness is being used, save your crowd control abilities for after it expires - or if you want to crowd control him faster, pop it with another ability.
  • Always remember, Nocturne Nocturne cannot target you with his ult if he can't see you. If you lose your vision, due to the effects of Paranoia.png Paranoia, try quickly hiding in the brush or stealthing to prevent his dash to you. Another alternative is to use Quicksilver Sash or Cleanse, which will remove the sight debuff while his ultimate is active.
    • Also, while under the effects of Paranoia.png Paranoia, you and your teammates can still see each others' map pings.
  • Try to stay close with your allies when Nocturne Nocturne uses his Paranoia.png Paranoia so you and your allies are prepared to fight him.
  • Never overextend when chasing Nocturne Nocturne. If you are also low on health and is attacked by turret, he will activate his Paranoia.png Paranoia and dash to you. This can result in your death.
  • If you are playing as Nocturne Nocturne and the enemy team also has a Nocturne Nocturne, using Paranoia.png Paranoia immediately as the opposing Nocturne does effectively makes his dash impossible, unless he is right on top of his target. Keep in mind that this tactic clearly costs you a chance to use your ult, but timing this technique can save a player near death.

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