Magic damage (or spell damage) is one of the three types of damage in League of Legends, the others being physical damage and true damage. Magic damage is dealt by some items and most champions' spells, though some spells deal physical or true damage.

Statistics influencing magic damage编辑

Most magic damage can be increased with ability power, or attack damage in some rare cases, but some cannot be modified, such as Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape's damage per second or Item.png Madred's Razors' effect against minions.

The amount of magic damage received is reduced by a certain percentage based on the target's magic resistance. The effectiveness of magic resistance can be reduced with magic penetration.

Items that deal magic damage编辑

  • Bilgewater Cutlass item.png Bilgewater Cutlass: Unique Active: Deals 150 magic damage and slows the target champion by 50% for 3 seconds (400 range). 60 second cooldown. +35 attack damage, +15% life steal. 1825 gold
  • Item.png Deathfire Grasp: Unique Active: Deals magic damage to target champion equal to 25% of their current health (+4% per 100 ability power) with a minimum of 200 damage. 1 minute cooldown. +80 ability power. Unique Passive: +15% cooldown reduction. 2600 gold
  • Executioner's Calling item.png Executioner's Calling: Unique Passive: On hit, target suffers 4 magic damage per second for 8 seconds (maximum 1 stack). +15% critical strike chance, +18% life steal. Unique Active: Target champion suffers 50% reduced healing for 8 seconds. 20 second cooldown. 1350 gold
  • Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade: Unique Active: Deals 300 magic damage and slows the target champion by 50% for 3 seconds (700 range). 60 second cooldown. Unique Passive: 20% spell vamp. +70 ability power, +40 attack damage, +15% life steal. 3625 gold
  • Item.png Ionic Spark: Unique Passive: Every fourth basic attack unleashes a chain lightning, dealing 110 magic damage to up to 4 targets. (400 bounce range).+50% attack speed, +250 health. 2300 gold
  • Item.png Kitae's Bloodrazor: Unique Passive: On hit, target suffers magic damage equal to 2.5% of the target's maximum health. +30 attack damage, +40% attack speed. 2725 gold
  • Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor: Unique Passive: On hit, target suffers magic damage equal to 4% of target's maximum health (maximum 120 versus monsters). +25 armor, +30 attack damage, +40% attack speed. 3800 gold
  • Item.png Madred's Razors: Unique Passive: On hit, 15% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 300 magic damage. +23 armor, +15 attack damage. 1000 gold
  • Item.png Malady: Unique Passive: On hit, target suffers 20 magic damage and −6 magic resistance for 8 seconds (maximum 4 stacks). +25 ability power, +50% attack speed. 1825 gold
  • Item.png Odyn's Veil: Unique Active: Deals 200 + (stored magic) [max: 400] to nearby enemy units. 90 second cooldown. (525 Range estimate) +350 Health, +50 Magic resistance, +350 Mana Unique Passive: Reduces and stores 10% of the magic damage dealt to your champion. gold
  • Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape: Unique Passive: Deals 40 magic damage per second to nearby enemies (400 range). +45 armor, +450 health 2610 gold
  • Item.png Thornmail: Unique Passive: On being hit, returns 30% of damage, before any reductions such as armor, as magic damage. At least 15 damage must be received. +100 armor. 2000 gold
  • Wit's End item.png Wit's End: Unique Passive: On hit, targets suffers 42 magic damage and you gain +5 magic resistance for 5 seconds (maximum 4 stacks). +40% attack speed, +30 magic resist 2150 gold
  • Item.png Wriggle's Lantern: Unique Passive: On hit, 20% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 425 magic damage. +30 armor, +23 attack damage, +12% life steal. Unique Active: Places a Sight Ward at target location. 3 minute cooldown. 1600 gold
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