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  • Blight Crystal Varus


  • Varus was designed by Meddler.[1]
  • Varus is voiced by Gavin Hammon, who also voices 弗拉基米尔头像.png Blood Lord Vladimir
  • Varus 韦鲁斯PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow is a rework of Tristana Tristana's old DrawaBead.png Draw a Bead ability which (while active) would reduce her movement speed to increase range.
  • The League of Legends art team worked with Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade to make a "special edition" champion sneak peek for Varus.[2]
  • Varus was the first champion to be released in Season Two with only 2 skins (including the classic skin).
  • The Pit of Pallas is possibly a reference to Pallas, a titan associated with war in Greek mythology. He was killed by Athena in a battle with the gods.
  • Currently, Varus Varus, along with Rumble Rumble, Xerath Xerath, and Ziggs Ziggs, are one of the only champions that can CC themselves.
  • When Varus crits, his bow expands.
  • Varus shares a similar style to that of Irelia Irelia death, curiously both are Ionians and are killed by their own weapons.
  • Varus' body style is similar to the one of Solus, the T'Lan leader from the game Breakdown.
  • Varus' lore and namesake could be a slightly inverse reference to the infamous Roman general Publius Quinctilius Varus, who foolishly led three Roman legions to their demise during the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. However, the Roman Varus commits suicide before he could be captured by the defending (albeit ambushing) Germans, while the Varus of League's lore defends his charge but loses everything to the Noxian invaders, to which he vows revenge.
  • Varus is the only champion since Graves Graves to receive a League Judgement.


  • Varus' quote, "I do what I must." is similiar to Lee Sin Lee Sin's quote, "We do what we must ".
  • Varus' quote "Beware a man with nothing to lose" is based on an Italian proverb "Beware of one who has nothing to lose."
  • Varus's quote. "No turning back." is similiar to 伊泽瑞尔头像.png Pulsefire Ezreal's quote, "No turning back now".


  • 韦鲁斯头像.png Classic Varus wields his bow with his left hand, despite the splash art suggesting he wields it with his right hand. It could mean that he is simply ambidextrous, as he switches his bow between hands when he dances.
  • 韦鲁斯头像.png Blight Crystal Varus might be a reference to the MMORPG World of Warcraft, where the undead would use Blight Crystals alike to the ones on the art to corrupt other creatures.
  • 韦鲁斯头像.png Arclight Varus is the second light themed skin for two dark themed Ionian Champions. The first being 辛德拉头像.png Justicar Syndra.
    • It is also what Varus would've looked like if he had not allowed himself to be corrupted by the Pit of Pallas.
    • Varus is also equipped with bow similar to one wielded by Pit on the beginning of Kid Icarus: Uprising video game, they both also share similar clothes design.
    • The city in the splash art bares a resemblance to the ruins floating around the Savior, the final boss of Devil May Cry 4


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Varus' Theme

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Varus Art Spotlight


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