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  • During early laning, it is best for Varus Varus to spec into either one of PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow or BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver for his preferred harassment. BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver makes last-hitting much easier and lets him outdamage most carries early on during autoattack exchanges, whereas PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow lets him snipe minions that would be hard to reach and is a superior harass from range. You should spec into BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver if you can reliably get away with going into autoattack range and PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow when you will be likely be strongly zoned.
  • Using Flash.png Flash while channeling PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow will not interrupt the spell. You can use this to finish off escaping enemies.
  • During skirmishes, it's sometimes best to fire PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow quickly, rather than charging it to full power - although the ability gains range and damage with charge time, he cannot autoattack as he does so and Varus Varus will likely be sacrificing a greater DPS if he takes too long.
  • PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow has a distinct sound effect and causes Varus Varus to change stance and slow down while charging it, making it easy to see coming. Try casting the ability from brush to keep the element of surprise.
  • PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow gains more power and range the longer it is charged. However, the ability does not need to be channeled for the full duration in order to reach its maximum potential.
    • The range indicator for the ability will visibly expand once the ability begins to be channeled. Once the indicator stops growing, you will no longer gain any benefit for additional channel time.
  • Try to take advantage of PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow's very long range to snipe at enemy champions before a fight or as they're trying to flee.
    • Varus Varus can also very reliably steal buff camps with the ability. Most importantly, he can snipe the 20px Dragon from behind its cove wall with it even if it has been pulled out to the river by the opposing team.
  • When aiming for Varus Varus' greatest possible DPS, you should employ strict cadence and fire off an ability after each three autoattacks on an opponent in order to detonate the most BlightedQuiver.png Blight stacks.
    • Remember that BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver stacks on the enemy will only detonate when Varus Varus connects with one of his other abilities, and all of his abilities have moderately long cooldowns - if you use PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow and HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows to initiate a fight, you will be left without an ability to proc BlightedQuiver.png Blight stacks for a short while.
    • BlightedQuiver.png Blight stacks will last for several seconds before expiring - if you have the chance, you can increase the efficiency of your large-scale attacking even more by hitting multiple targets sequentially and getting stacks on as many opponents as possible before detonating them all at once.
  • Since both skills scale with AD and are multi-target, Varus Varus can effectively farm large waves of minions instantly late game using only PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow and HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows. He can be an effective pusher lategame if needs be.
  • HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows is useful for helping you escape from or catch up to opponents due to the slow. It should also be noted that the healing debuff is very strong against champions that have heals such as Soraka Soraka.
  • ChainofCorruption.png Chain of Corruption has many uses - it can assist greatly in a gank by preventing the opposing team from fleeing, can cause massive disruption in a teamfight if it is allowed to spread, and can help ensure your own escape when on the run.
    • Remember than the disable from the ability is a snare, not a stun - ranged attackers and mages can still attack and use most abilities while they are caught. It can be much more effective to target any melee attackers instead, as they will be far more badly affected by the inability to move.

Build Usage编辑

  • Due to Varus Varus' late game farming potential with PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow and HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows, he can very quickly charge up Bloodthirster item.png Bloodthirster stacks, making the item an even better fit than usual for him.
  • Varus Varus benefits more than most carries from Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer: aside from the attack speed and critical strike which greatly increase his overall DPS, the large movement speed bonus it gives him helps to cover his lack of a solid escape ability.
  • Recurve Bow item.png Recurve Bow based items can increase Varus's DPS and give him some other stats to help him out:
  • Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force can be an unusual build choice for Varus Varus - while it's high price will interfere with other carry item purchases, he benefits well from all of its stats and passive effects. In particular, Item.png Sheen procs can be consumed immediately after a BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver detonation, giving Varus Varus impressive burst potential.
  • Despite Varus Varus' primary role as an AD carry, an AP/AS hybrid can occasionally be an effective, albeit niche, build. This style of play involves usage of the AP ratios on his BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver to deliver respectable autoattack damage and has formidable burst potential from BlightedQuiver.png Blight detonations and ChainofCorruption.png Chain of Corruption.
    • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is one of AP Varus Varus' core items - it grants him ability power and attack speed to make use of his BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver, and cooldown reduction is crucial on him to proc detonations of BlightedQuiver.png Blight as often as possible.
    • A Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane can add considerable damage to his burst immediately following a detonation.
    • A Item.png Malady can be an inexpensive boost to Varus Varus' DPS in the midgame, as you will usually autoattack an opponent three times before proccing the BlightedQuiver.png Blight detonation with an ability. It's usefulness drops during the lategame, however, as it does not offer very many stats for an item slot.


Doran's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  The Bloodthirster 
Phantom Dancer  最后的轻语  守护天使 
Prospector's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  Sanguine Blade 
Phantom Dancer  最后的轻语  守护天使 


  • Avoid being caught by ChainofCorruption.png Chain of Corruption. Spread out in teamfights to prevent it from spreading.
  • When Varus begins to charge PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow, he will slow down and draw his bow back. He cannot perform any other action while in this stance, and his movement speed is reduced so take advantage of this time to juke his shot or close the distance on him.
  • Once Varus has used PiercingArrow.png Piercing Arrow and HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows, he won't be able to detonate BlightedQuiver.png Blighted Quiver stacks for several seconds. It may be a good idea to engage him after you see him use those two abilities.
  • Being hit by HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows reduces your champion's healing and regeneration, so use healing abilities after the debuff wears off.
  • Varus lacks any escape while his ChainofCorruption.png Chain of Corruption is down. This makes him very vulnerable to jungler ganks.
  • Varus's HailofArrows.png Hail of Arrows only deals damage once on impact. When fighting Varus 1v1, don't be afraid of standing inside the Desecrated Ground unless the reduced healing/movement speed will significantly hurt your capabilities.

Champion Spotlight编辑

Varus Champion Spotlight

Varus Champion Spotlight

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