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Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Dynasty Ahri
  • Midnight Ahri


  • Ahri is inspired from the Nine-tailed fox - a mythological being originating from East Asia, and has become a recurring creature in modern fantasy.
  • Ahri was designed by Ezreal, although Coronach helped him develop her kit.[1]
    • There were several different names for the Nine-Tailed Fox throughout development: Ezreal himself referred to the Nine-Tails as Gumiho (구미호).[2] The more common name Kumiho is a direct reference to the Nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology. A player found a poll for her name on the Riot Korea webpage,[3] which gave 6 different options to vote for:
      • Danbi (단비) (meaning Saviour or Saving Rain)
      • Nabi (나비) (meaning Butterfly)
      • Ruri (루리) (meaning Dazzle)
      • Ari (아리) (meaning Graceful or Elegant)
      • Chorong (초롱) (meaning Glittering)
      • Dasom (다솜) (meaning Loving).
  • Ahri is voiced by Laura Post.
  • Ahri was simultaneously released (on all servers) with the launch of the Korean servers.
  • Her dance is based on the choreography for the song Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation (소녀시대; So Nyeo Shi Dae/SNSD), an extremely popular Korean girl group. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Her passive,EssenceTheft.png Essence Theft, previously shared its name with Nasus Nasus' passive - Soul Eater Soul Eater. The name was changed in a minor patch shortly after her release.
    • In the Champion Spotlight, Phreak refers to her passive as "Soul Eater".
  • Ahri's final design has fox ears, whereas her original design did not. Her clothes were also changed.
  • Her title on is displayed as "the 9 Tails Fox"[4], while in-game and spotlight are both "the Nine-Tailed Fox". The latter title is grammatically correct (see four-legged).


  • Dynasty Ahri is wearing modernized Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing). Additionally, 阿狸头像.png Dynasty Ahri's dance is a traditional Korean dance.
  • The Midnight Ahri skin is also referred to as the Shadow Fox skin.
  • Foxfire Ahri might be a reference to the Mozilla Firefox browser as she bears the same color scheme of the browser's icon in her splash art background


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