Tier Advanced
Stats +45 armor
+18% critical strike chance
Passive Unique: You gain attack damage equal to 1.5% of your maximum health.
Menu Attack > Critical Strike
Defense > Armor
Item cost 2355g (825g)
Sell value 1683g
Item code 3005
Atma's Impaler is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1]



  • Item.png Atma's Impaler adds directly to attack damage, it is not an "on-hit" effect. [1].
  • The amount of health required to be as cost effective as the B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword is 1500, when taking both the armor and critical hit chance into account.
  • The amount of health required to equal a B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword in attack damage (45) is 3000.
  • The amount of health required to be as cost effective as a B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword for AD only(without getting armor and crit into account) is 4250


  • Item.png Atma's Impaler grants 15 attack damage for every 1000 health, making it the most cost-effective on champions who build very large health pools.
  • Item.png Atma's Impaler is one of the most cost-effective items in game, surpassing Item.png Pickaxe on any lvl 18 AD champion (without HP items).
  • Champions like Sion Sion and 20px Cho'Gath profit greatly from Item.png Atma's Impaler in terms of damage due to their health-gaining abilities.
  • Item.png Atma's Impaler can be combined with items such as Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor to utilize both damage and survivability. These builds are known in the community as "Fratma's" and "Atmog's", respectively, "Fratmogs" for both at the same time.
  • Item.png Atma's Impaler is one of only a handful of items beneficial to an attack-based character that provides armor, the only other items being Item.png Madred's Razors and its build paths Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor and Item.png Wriggle's Lantern, both of which grant considerably less armor than the Impaler. This makes the Item.png Impaler a good idea for any attack damage champion faced with a lot of physical damage on the opposing team. Even on a low-health champion like Ashe Ashe it will give more damage than Item.png Pickaxe , while being cheaper, as well as the critical chance and considerably more if health items such as Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil or Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet are built.


  • The weapon's name is a reference to the Ultima Weapon (originally called "Atma Weapon") from Final Fantasy VI and subsequent games, a sword which deals damage according to the hero's health.

Patch History编辑


  • Tooltip now updates dynamically.


  • Health to damage conversion reduced to 1.5% from 2%.


  • Unique passive tooltip clarified to state that it adds to your bonus attack damage.


  • Fixed an issue causing it to not gain damage based on max health.


  • Passive property now Unique.
  • Recipe cost increased to 825 from 600.
  • Armor reduced to 50 from 60.
  • Critical strike chance reduced to 18% from 20%.


  • Bonus damage based on maximum health now.
  • Combine cost increased to 600 from 400.

July 10, 2009 Patch:

  • Combine cost reduced to 400 from 800.
  • Armor reduced to 60 from 70.
  • Critical strike chance reduced to 20% from 22%.

May 15, 2009 Patch:

  • Armor reduced to 60 from 65.
  • Critical strike chance reduced to 20% from 25%.

May 9, 2009 Patch:

  • +Health effect removed and +65 armor added.
  • Combine cost increased to 800 gold from 750.
  • Attack damage bonus increased to 2% from 1.5% of maximum health.

April 11, 2009 Patch:

  • Cost increased to 750 from 700.



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