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  • Syndra was designed by Meddler.[1]
  • Syndra shares the voice actress of Evelynn Evelynn, however, the voice actress has never been publically revealed or credited and is anonymous.
  • Syndra is the first official champion to directly manipulate minions and neutral monsters to deal damage to other champions, moving them around with her abilities.
  • Syndra's spheres appear as red instead of blue when on the opposing team. She is the third champion to have team perspective based particles, the second being Cassiopeia Cassiopeia and the first being Singed Singed.
  • Using Syndra 辛德拉Force of Will Force of Will to hit an enemy unit with the 20px Lizard Elder will apply the debuff on them. Also, if Syndra throws the 20px Ancient Golem, she will be refunded 10 mana and the ability's cooldown will be lowered by 1 second.
  • Syndra is the second dark themed Ionian Champion, along with Varus Varus who both share a light/divine themed skin.
  • Syndra's dance is based on the choreography for the song Hoot by Girls' Generation (소녀시대: So Nyeo Shi Dae), a popular Korean girl group. A side-by-side comparison video can be seen here.
    • Syndra is the second champion that dances to one of the group's songs, the first being Ahri Ahri.


  • 辛德拉头像.png Justicar Syndra is possibly what Syndra would look like if she was not evil or corrupt. This is because of the yellow spheres, warm color scheme and the use of white feathers. Her spheres and helmet also resemble the sun which is also a symbol for divinity.
    • The word "Justicar" also means "man of justice" i.e a judge.
    • Her clothes and armor bear a strong resemblance to the Thalmor Soldier from the RPG game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Thalmor also has a class named Thalmor Justiciar.


  • Syndra is the second champion to have quotes when she levels up an ability, the first being Vayne Vayne upon leveling SilverBolts.png Silver Bolts.
  • Several of Syndra's quotes may be references to Phoenix from the Marvel series.
  • Syndra's joke is a double entendre.
    • The primary play on words is regarding her lore where she was deemed mentally unbalanced by her Ionian elders (as balance is a defining virtue in Ionian culture), and stands upon on her dark spheres to prove that she "has balance."
    • It also refers to Syndra's champion balance as she was reportedly overpowered during development.


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