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  • Poison Trail Poison Trail is very effective for farming and harassing, allowing Singed Singed to dominate his lane. Poisoning the opposing minions as they advance is an effective strategy for farming lanes. An easy strategy for farming is to push your minions to the turret then run past it to poison the next wave as it comes.
  • When facing melee champions, you are capable of zoning them by poisoning the area near your own minions so their farming capabilities are hindered severely.
  • Turn off Poison Trail Poison Trail when unnecessary as it drains mana quickly.
  • Poison Trail Poison Trail goes invisible to opponents when you enter brush. It is also possible to create a very faint poison cloud by quickly double tapping your Poison Trail Poison Trail.
  • When poisoning the area while being chased, consider how close the enemies are to you, taking gap closers into account, as well as your health. If you can afford to run in a zig zag pattern, do so to make sure your opponents will be poisoned at least once.
  • Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive is one of the best slows in the game, and it should have at least one rank before level 5. The upper ranks simply increase the slows percentage. A well-played Singed Singed can lead a target with the glue, catch up to the target, then Fling.png Fling him back in to the glue for maximum effect. This may take some practice, as all ranks have only a 5 second duration.
  • Fling.png Fling is your most versatile ability and can be used to toss enemies into your turret, isolate them from their teammates to set up an allied ambush, and save lives by tossing enemies away from weak or fleeing allies. Be sure to use it at the extent of its range, the further you are from a target when you Fling.png Fling it, the futher they will get tossed behind you. It can also interrupt channeled ultimates such as Absolute Zero Absolute Zero, Infinite Duress Infinite Duress, NetherGrasp.png Nether Grasp, or knock away champions with strong non-channeled point-blank AoE like Crowstorm.png Crowstorm, Slicing Maelstrom Slicing Maelstrom and SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles.
  • Insanity Potion Insanity Potion is useful for chasing enemies and is a useful asset in any major team battle for its all-round bonuses. It has an incredibly short cooldown considering its bonuses, so don't worry about wasting it to run away from a gank gone wrong. Its short cooldown also means it can be used in lane to simply regenerate mana and hp.
  • Using Fling.png Fling to throw an enemy into your Poison Trail Poison Trail is a very simple but an effective harassment combo.
  • Although not a caster in the true sense, Singed Singed benefits greatly from magic penetration runes to make sure your opponents get full damage from Poison Trail Poison Trail. A full caster setup will allow him to deal quite heavy damage with the capability of tanking.
  • Consider leveling Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive before Fling.png Fling, as this spell grants you better zone control and CC, granting you high value of 75% slow, instead of Fling.png Fling, which grants you only 50 bonus damage per level and increases its mana cost.
  • Fling.png Fling must be used wisely when diving a turret, if you are low level and the enemy is on the side of the turret facing your base you can E + W easily to attack, however take into consideration that if you toss the enemy when he moves on the other side of the turret you could possibly land him near to the turret and take lots of damage or land him further into the enemy lane and force your ally/partner to have to walk through the jungle or make his escape easier.



Doran's Shield  Boots of Swiftness  Rod of Ages 
Force of Nature  Sunfire Cape  女妖面纱 
Ruby Crystal  Boots of Swiftness  Catalyst the Protector 
Rod of Ages  Sunfire Cape  Force of Nature 


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Singed Champion Spotlight

Singed Champion Spotlight

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