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Recommended Builds编辑

Doran's Shield  Phage  黑色切割者 
Mercury's Treads  兰顿之兆  Maw of Malmortius 
Ruby Crystal  Mercury's Treads  Phage 
幽梦之灵  Sunfire Cape  兰顿之兆 



  • 20px Xin Zhao is very vulnerable to kiting when his AudaciousCharge.png Audacious Charge is on cooldown.
  • Try to CC 20px Xin Zhao when he is attacking you or your ally, The crowd control effect can turn the tide of the battle to your allies favor.
  • Build armor items to mitigate his damage as 20px Xin Zhao mainly deals physical damage.
  • When engaging 20px Xin Zhao, Try to split with your allies to reduce the armor and magic resistance he will get from his CrescentSweep.png Crescent Sweep.
  • Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart is a great counter to 20px Xin Zhao since it reduces damage through armor, and reduces his attack speed, which is central to his damage output.
    • Item.png Thornmail is a great alternative, however do remember that he can heal himself through the damage if he has Life steal.
  • Avoid stacking health without armor as CrescentSweep.png Crescent Sweep deals physical damage based on your current health.

Champion spotlight编辑

Xin Zhao Champion Spotlight

Xin Zhao Champion Spotlight

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