裁決之地又譯作正義之地, 又稱遊戲地圖。是遊戲中英雄的戰場。





The League resolved that all major political conflict would be settled through the use of specially prepared arenas strategically located throughout Valoran. Summoners representing a particular political allegiance would each call forth a champion; the champions, leading mindless minions generated by novice summoners manipulating a Nexus, would fight to achieve the objective of the arena they were in. The most common victory condition of a battle arena would be to destroy the opposing faction’s Nexus. These arenas are collectively referred to as "The Fields of Justice".

The fights in the various Fields of Justice over which the League presides are not only of great political interest to Valoran, but also of great social interest. The League magically transmits the sights and sounds of the action as it unfolds to specially built arcane receivers located in key settlements throughout Valoran. Watching a fight in a Field of Justice is one of the more popular entertainment activities Valoran’s denizens engage in.


  • 水晶之痕 - 水晶之痕 是位於卡拉曼達的採礦村, 蒂瑪西亞 與諾克薩斯為了底地下的驚人財富而爆發了衝突。 和你的隊友合作來佔領各個據點吧。
  • 咆嘯深淵 - 咆嘯深淵 位於弗雷爾卓德,在一個冰冷、殘酷的狹縫之中。傳說中,在這跨越鴻溝的橋上,展開了一場激烈戰役。至今沒有人記得到底是誰在這裡激戰過,但是你仔細聆聽風聲,依然能在這裡戰敗者跌入深淵的哀嚎聲。
  • 召喚峽谷 - 正義之地中最古老、值得人敬重的戰場。配合你的盟友由三條不同的路徑,攻破敵人的弱點,一同擊毀對方的主堡吧!
  • 扭曲叢林 - Twisted Treeline is one of the few remaining forests near Zaun that has not been exploited for natural resources; a mere cursory glance at the geography of the area quickly explains why. The misuse of magic – mainly from Zaun but also from the numerous battles fought here during the various Rune Wars – has warped the verdant environs of the Twisted Treeline terrain into a bizarre, alien-like visage.


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