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Skill Usage编辑

  • A fully-charged Vault Breaker Vault Breaker will deal double damage. It's great for catching and finishing off fleeing enemies.
  • Excessive Force Excessive Force does full damage to anyone caught in the shockwave. Use it on minions in lane to harass enemy champions behind them or to safely last hit minions.
    • It will deal its damage in a 600 range cone behind Vi Vi's target.
  • 天霸横空烈轰.png Assault and Battery is a powerful initiation tool, just remember not to get too far ahead of the rest of your team.
    • Vi Vi will knock back enemies on the way to her target.
    • Vi Vi is immune to crowd control during her charge.
  • 天霸横空烈轰.png Assault and Battery can be used to dash to enemy champions through walls. Use this to your advantage when planning a gank.
  • Vi Vi fits the role of bruiser very well and should be played as a semi-tank. Abusing your Vault Breaker Vault Breaker would be a good harassing strategy as it closes the gap between you and your enemies. Be careful about using this ability as Vi Vi has no other escape mechanisms once Vault Breaker Vault Breaker is on cooldown.
  • Because 天霸横空烈轰.png Assault and Battery does 75% of the ability's damage to enemies between Vi and her target, try to hit as many champions on the way to the target as possible.
  • Vault Breaker Vault Breaker can be used to dash over almost any wall in the jungle. You can dash over walls to gank unsuspecting players, or, with some right warding, easily catch the enemy jungler off guard. Using Vault Breaker Vault Breaker will also allow Vi Vi to reach her jungle camps faster.
  • 天霸横空烈轰.png Assault and Battery will place Vi Vi behind the target enemy. Follow up with a quick Vault Breaker Vault Breaker to knock the enemy back into your team.

Item Usage编辑


  • Vi Vi relies heavily on crowd control to win 1v1 fights or 3v3 fights. She can easily disrupt enemy lines with her ult, and this will give her teammates enough time to back her up. Scattering is a good way to prevent Vi Vi from knocking you aside or dealing massive damage with Excessive Force Excessive Force.
  • As Vi Vi is a powerful bruiser, making sure to pin her down and not letting her get the core items she needs would give you an advantage against her team as she would be too soft to initiate and her damage output would be very low.
  • Keeping Vi Vi at bay can win skirmishes or clashes, as she has long cooldowns and very few escape mechanisms.
  • Not letting Vi proc Denting Blows is crucial for lane control and poke, so watching out and avoiding a Vault Break can often decide the fate of a skirmish (being CC, a Denting Blows stack and gap closer).
  • Early game Vi Vi can easily be pushed out of lane by controlling her shield procs and attacking after it expires if she uses Excessive Force to farm.

Champion Spotlight编辑

Vi Champion Spotlight

Vi Champion Spotlight

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