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  • Spell vamp from SoulSiphon.png Soul Siphon and magic damage from TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil allows Morgana Morgana to stay in her lane for a long time.
  • Use DarkBinding.png Dark Binding to check for enemies in the brush. The projectile stops moving and makes a distinctive sound when it hits something. While this does work, it is best to save DarkBinding.png Dark Binding unless you have maxed cooldown reduction, as it is an essential ability for Morgana's combat and will leave you vulnerable if it is on cooldown.
  • With enough ability power, DarkBinding.png Dark Binding can deal a fair amount of damage as well as snaring the opponent. The projectile moves fairly slowly, though, so always lead your target at any distance longer than close range.
  • DarkBinding.png Dark Binding is an exceptional zoning tool. If you're being chased, throw it at your enemies so you can get away. Even if you don't hit it will cause enemy players to waste time moving around it.
  • Morgana Morgana's Damage output is centered around a simple combo, the snare from DarkBinding.png Dark Binding followed by TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil. SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles can be used with this combo either after the combo to finish the enemy off or initially to slow the enemy for better aiming the stun from DarkBinding.png Dark Binding. The magic resistance debuff from TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil makes SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles better used last.
  • TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil used on an enemy champion and following up immediately with DarkBinding.png Dark Binding to snare them in place is an excellent harassing tool in the early game. Low health champions can even be killed outright since TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil lowers magic resistance and will hit for its maximum damage or more if they go below 0 magic resistance.
  • When possible, try to use TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil first so that the enemy's magic resistance is reduced and takes more damage from Morgana Morgana's other spells.
  • When using TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil to harass an enemy, place it somewhat behind them. This is because they will naturally run backwards and doing so will cause them to take at least 2-3 ticks of damage. Eventually they will catch on and run to the side or forwards, use this to your advantage when casting DarkBinding.png Dark Binding.
  • At rank 3, TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil can initially kill a wave of caster minions, and possibly melee minions depending on ability power and time into the game. As the game progresses, minions receive additional health and magic resistance, so either level up the ability or build more AP.
  • If an opposing champion must be killed in a team fight, use SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles and DarkBinding.png Dark Binding on that champion - if it doesn't kill them outright, it will at least deal a significant amount of damage and leave them stunned.
  • SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles can be used to detect stealthed units and opponents in the bushes. The icon of SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles will become available only if a unit is near you. It can be used to see where they are the moment you use it, but you can't keep track of them if they are moving.
  • Flash.png Flashing into a group of enemies, hitting SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles and then using Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass is excellent to initiate team fights without taking massive amounts of damage.
  • Items that provide survivability make Morgana Morgana extremely difficult to kill in conjunction with 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield and SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles.
  • 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield is a vital ability to learn as it stops all forms of crowd control and also makes your target temporarily absorb spells and damage from some summoned pets (e.g. Heimerdinger 黑默丁格H-28GEvolutionTurret.png H-28G Evolution Turret). Hence, shrewd use of 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield can determine the outcome of team fights.
    • Casting 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield on champions with channeled spells (e.g. Katarina Katarina and Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks) will help keep their abilities from being interrupted.
    • If you play Morgana more offensively than supportive, it is best to go for higher levels of her other spells unless you are against a heavily Crowd Control orientated team.
  • Remember that 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield will only block Magic Damage spells, it will not block Physical Damage spells such as AceintheHole.png Ace in the Hole, Parrrley.png Parrrley, SonicWave.png Sonic Wave, or Volley.png Volley.
    • It will still block the crowd control effects from Physical Spells and on-hit items.


Recommended Build编辑

Doran's Ring  Sorcerer's Shoes  中娅沙漏 
Rod of Ages  灭世者的死亡之帽  Frozen Heart 
Sapphire Crystal  Sorcerer's Shoes  Catalyst the Protector 
Rod of Ages  灭世者的死亡之帽  中娅沙漏 


  • Be aware of Morgana Morgana's survivability early game because of her passive spell vamp from SoulSiphon.png Soul Siphon.
  • Save your heavy CC until Morgana 莫甘娜黑暗之盾.png Black Shield duration expires.
  • Avoid standing above TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil's AoE. The spell damage is small but the tick is very fast, making it a dangerous spell.
  • Moving erratically will make you safe from DarkBinding.png Dark Binding.
  • When Morgana Morgana uses SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles, quickly move away to break the spell tether and avoid the second damage and the stun.
  • Morgana Morgana's most dangerous form of attack is opening up with DarkBinding.png Dark Binding and immediately following up with TormentedSoil.png Tormented Soil and SoulShackles.png Soul Shackles -- at most stages of the game, this combination can be devastating and in most cases it spells instant-death for the one being focused, taking great care to dodge her DarkBinding.png Dark Binding will greatly reduce her danger to your team, as that very same spell is also her method of escape.
  • Due to Morgana Morgana's anti-caster nature, consider using a physical damage champion, such as Ashe Ashe or Talon Talon, against her.
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