In-game picture of the Brush

Summoners Rift Brush Locations

Locations of brush patches in Summoner's Rift.

Brush is the tall grassy terrain on a map that provides a champion (or minion/monster) with a form of stealth. Upon entering the brush, a champion immediately (no fade time) becomes invisible to enemy units outside of that particular patch of brush.


Visually, this effect manifests when your champion's avatar takes on a partially transparent quality. Opposing champions in different patches of brush will not be able to see each other even if they are within normal sight range. Brush, however, will never block your view of an allied champion hiding within.

Brush can be used in several ways to create a tactical advantage on the battlefield. First, and perhaps most apparently, one can utilize the brush to set an ambush for an enemy champion, emerging once they have passed by to cut off their escape. Brush can also be used, while fleeing, to break the line of sight and force pursuing champions to guess which direction you have gone. It can also be used to dodge passing minion waves, to hide your champion while he channels recall, or to force a ranged champion too close to melee range to continue their attack.

Wards are subject to the same limitations surrounding brush as other units. A ward placed inside a patch of brush can spot enemy units within that patch of brush and also any outside the brush that are within its range. A Vision Ward item Vision Ward placed outside of a brush will not be able to see enemies inside. Because of this, it is often preferable to place wards in brush when possible.

If an attack skill that is not a skillshotis used while in the brush, the champion using that skill will be revealed for a short time. Your champion will also be revealed when you auto-attack from within a brush. If an ally attacks from a brush, you will also be seen.

Brush can be used to find out if the enemy has sight (through wards, spells or stealthed champions) into a particular patch of brush. If you are in the brush, not attacking, and minions begin to attack you, then they have sight into that brush.

Brush is subject to line of sight. For example, on Summoner's Rift, opposing units on both ends of the brush at blue buff will not be able to see each other due to the wall.

There was a "sweet spot" that could be found by being too close to a wall in the brush. This made you visible, because your Champion was halfway out of the brush. If a ward was placed in these spots, it would not reveal the brush. This has been fixed as of Patch V1.0.0.121.

Ways to reveal areas in the Brush编辑

There are several ways to reveal an area in brush:

  • An allied unit moves into the brush.
  • A Stealth Ward (Item) item Sight Ward placed in the brush will reveal within it for 3 minutes.
  • A Vision Ward item Vision Ward placed in the brush will reveal within it for 3 minutes (including stealthed units).
  • The summoner spell Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance will reveal brush within its radius.
    • Note that the center of effect does not need to be within the brush, unlike with a ward. If any part of Clairvoyance's effect touches the brush, it will be revealed. However, this does not guarantee to reveal the entire brush, as an enemy champion can potentially hide within the brush (such as by an edge), but out of Clairvoyance's radius if it was cast far enough away.

Champion Abilities编辑

Reveal targeted area编辑

Reveal enemy champions and their immediate surroundings编辑

  • Twisted Fate OriginalSquare Twisted Fate's Destiny Destiny will reveal all enemy champions even if they are in brush.
  • Warwick OriginalSquare Warwick's Blood Scent Blood Scent will reveal nearby enemy champions who are below half health even if they are in brush (only applicable within radius of effect and will not reveal stealthed champions, however he will receive the speed boost, thus detecting them).

Reveal enemies that touch or aggro them within the brush编辑

Reveal enemy champions when hit by the ability编辑

These provide sight of the champion for a set duration and can reveal their allies if they get too close to the revealed champion.

Detect enemy champions with skill shots编辑

If a player fires a skill shot into the brush, it won't make them visible even if you hit them. However many of them have a secondary effect or a different sound effect on impact. Here are just a few examples (not a complete list):

Pull enemy champions with skill shots编辑

Buffs for being in Brush编辑

  • Rengar OriginalSquare Rengar's Unseen Predator Unseen Predator grants him bonus attack range and his attacks cause him to leap at his target.
  • Nidalee OriginalSquare Nidalee's Prowl Prowl grants her 15% extra movement speed for two seconds when in the brush.
  • Caitlyn OriginalSquare Caitlyn's Headshot Headshot adds 2 charges when attacking from the brushes instead of 1.
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