Champion skin (or just skin) refers to the color scheme or appearance of a champion. In League of Legends, most skins can be bought from the Riot Store with Riot Points, while others are or were available only from special events or promotions. Some of the skins in League of Legends also give champions different particle effects, quotes, and sound effects. Every skin has its own splash art that is displayed in champion select by clicking on the thumbnail after selection.

To see all current and old splash arts, visit this gallery. Additionally, you can see the splash arts, along with the Chinese ones and a link to a 3D model of each skin by going to the Skins & Trivia sub page of each champion. Other ways to access these pages are to just search for the champion name on our search bar and add "Skins" after the name; or you could click any of the links below which contain the names of skins.

Unreleased Skins编辑

The following skins have artwork or models found within the client that are not yet released or are leaked through various means.

Skin Name Notes
艾尼维亚头像.png Battlecast Anivia Teaser (top right)
布里茨头像.png iBlitzcrank Game files
德莱厄斯头像.png Norse King Darius Model
嘉文四世头像.png Lu Bu Jarvan NA and Chinese Artwork, Model and Press Images
嘉文四世头像.png Unnamed (possibly Lu Bu) Texture
卡尔玛头像.png Bladestorm Karma Texture
卡特琳娜头像.png Crimson Elite Katarina Texture
卡特琳娜头像.png Cyber Katarina Texture
凯尔头像.png Metal Wing Kayle Skin leaked on reddit
克格莫头像.png Battlecast Kog'Maw Teaser (top right)
莫德凯撒头像.png Dark Crusader Mordekaiser Artwork, development on hold
厄运小姐头像.png Special Forces Miss Fortune Teaser Skin leaked on reddit
魔腾头像.png Dark Templar Nocturne Leaked with the Harrowing skins, no credible source
奥拉夫头像.png Russian Knight Olaf Texture
斯卡纳头像.png Battlecast Skarner Teaser 1, Teaser 2 (top right)
索拉卡头像.png Battle Priestess Soraka Model screen shot
图奇头像.png Exterminator Twitch Model
乌迪尔头像.png Spirit Summoner Udyr Leaked with the Harrowing skins, no credible source
韦鲁斯头像.png Arclight Varus Teaser Currently on the PBE client
维克托头像.png Dark Harvester Viktor Skin leaked on reddit
赵信头像.png Zhao Yun Xin Zhao NA and Chinese Artwork, Model and Press Images

Collector's Edition编辑

These Skins are available only through the Collector's Editions (digital or retail). The two pre-order exclusive skins were no longer available after October 26th, 2009.

Skin Name Collector's Edition
 Done.svg  安妮头像.png Goth Annie Digital
 Done.svg  凯尔头像.png Silver Kayle Retail
 Not done.svg  阿利斯塔头像.png Black Alistar "Pre-Order" Digital
 Not done.svg  瑞兹头像.png Human Ryze "Pre-Order" Retail
 Done.svg  希维尔头像.png Huntress Sivir Gamer's Choice Pack

Special Events编辑

These skins were or are given for free for special events.

Skin Name Event
 Done.svg  瑞兹头像.png Champion Ryze (Trophy Ryze) Win an official Tournament
 Not done.svg  辛吉德头像.png Riot Squad Singed PAX East & Prime 2010, Gamescom 2010, CeBiT 2011, EPS 2011, Siggraph 2011
 Not done.svg  贾克斯头像.png PAX Jax PAX East & Prime 2010 or PAX East 2011
 Not done.svg  崔斯特头像.png PAX Twisted Fate PAX 2009
 Not done.svg  拉莫斯头像.png King Rammus Closed Beta Testers
 Done.svg  崔丝塔娜头像.png Riot Girl Tristana Facebook Fans
 Done.svg  图奇头像.png Medieval Twitch 50 Friends on the Refer A Friend Program
 Done.svg  沃里克头像.png Grey Warwick 25 Friends on the Refer A Friend Program
 Not done.svg  库奇头像.png UFO Corki IGN and Gamespy Reader's Choice 2009
 Not done.svg  内瑟斯头像.png Riot K-9 Nasus Gamescom 2011, PAX Prime 2011, Buena Park Meet-Up, and Gamescom 2012
 Done.svg  希维尔头像.png PAX Sivir PAX Prime 2011
 Done.svg  凯特琳头像.png Arctic Warfare Caitlyn PC Gamer US November 2011 Issue[1], and is now available for purchase in the store.
 Not done.svg  嘉文四世头像.png Victorious Jarvan Season 1 Gold and Platinum Ranked players
 Not done.svg  凯尔头像.png Judgement Kayle Season 1 Veterans
 Done.svg  阿利斯塔头像.png Unchained Alistar Youtube Subscribers
 Done.svg  格雷福斯头像.png Riot Graves Gamescom 2012, PAX Prime 2012 and future events
 Not done.svg  迦娜头像.png Victorious Janna Season 2 Gold, Platinum and Diamond Ranked Players

Unavailable Skins编辑

The following skins can no long be purchased because they were seasonal event skins or were removed from the store.

Legacy Skins编辑

The Legacy Skins are either skins that Riot has retired, seasonal skins, or special event skins that have been removed from the League of Legends Store and placed in Riot's Vault. Some, but not necessarily all, Legacy Skins will be re-released from the Vault for limited runs in the League of Legends Store. These skins only appear in the champion's information tab if you own them.

Retired Skins编辑

Retired skins are skins that were normally available in the League of Legends Store, but have been deemed to be the more classical skins of the game and are no longer top quality skins. They were chosen by Riot to be placed in a Sale (75% off), after which they would no longer be purchasable in the store to make room for the next generation of champion skins.

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Release Date Removal Date
阿卡丽头像.png Crimson Akali 1 11-May-2010 19-Mar-2012
阿利斯塔头像.png Matador Alistar 1 11-May-2010 19-Mar-2012
阿木木头像.png Pharaoh Amumu 1 02-Feb-2010 28-Nov-2011
安妮头像.png Red Riding Annie 1 27-Apr-2010 28-Nov-2011
安妮头像.png Annie In Wonderland 1 16-Aug-2010 17-Jul-2012
凯特琳头像.png Safari Caitlyn 1 10-May-2011 19-Mar-2012
科加斯头像.png Nightmare Cho'Gath 1 20-Nov-2009 12-Mar-2012
库奇头像.png Red Baron Corki 1 24-Mar-2010 17-Jul-2012
蒙多医生头像.png Mr. Mundoverse 1 24-Mar-2010 28-Nov-2011
蒙多医生头像.png Toxic Dr. Mundo 1 17-Dec-2009 28-Nov-2011
伊芙琳头像.png Masquerade Evelynn 1 18-May-2010 28-Nov-2011
伊泽瑞尔头像.png Nottingham Ezreal 1 16-Mar-2010 28-Nov-2011
盖伦头像.png Desert Trooper Garen 1 27-Apr-2010 19-Mar-2012
古拉加斯头像.png Scuba Gragas 1 04-May-2010 28-Nov-2011
黑默丁格头像.png Alien Invader Heimerdinger 1 14-Jul-2010 17-Jul-2012
贾克斯头像.png Angler Jax 1 08-Jun-2010 19-Mar-2012
卡尔萨斯头像.png Phantom Karthus 1 13-Jan-2010 19-Mar-2012
凯尔头像.png Unmasked Kayle 1 13-Jul-2010 12-Mar-2012
凯南头像.png Swamp Master Kennen 1 08-Apr-2010 28-Nov-2011
克格莫头像.png Sonoran Kog'Maw 1 24-Jun-2010 28-Nov-2011
墨菲特头像.png Shamrock Malphite 1 16-Mar-2010 28-Nov-2011
玛尔扎哈头像.png Vizier Malzahar 1 01-Jun-2010 19-Mar-2012
莫德凯撒头像.png Dragon Knight Mordekaiser 1 24-Feb-2010 28-Nov-2011
奈德丽头像.png Leopard Nidalee 1 24-Feb-2010 28-Nov-2011
努努头像.png Sasquatch Nunu 1 20-Nov-2009 28-Nov-2011
波比头像.png Blacksmith Poppy 1 24-Aug-2010 28-Nov-2011
波比头像.png Noxus Poppy 1 02-Feb-2010 19-Mar-2012
瑞兹头像.png Professor Ryze 1 05-Oct-2010 28-Nov-2011
萨科头像.png Workshop Shaco 1 29-Mar-2011 19-Mar-2012
慎头像.png Frozen Shen 1 24-Mar-2010 19-Mar-2012
慎头像.png Yellow Jacket Shen 1 24-Mar-2010 28-Nov-2011
赛恩头像.png Hextech Sion 1 01-Jun-2010 28-Nov-2011
希维尔头像.png Spectacular Sivir 1 08-Jun-2010 28-Nov-2011
塔里克头像.png Emerald Taric 1 20-Nov-2009 12-Mar-2012
提莫头像.png Badger Teemo 520 13-Jan-2010 28-Nov-2011
崔丝塔娜头像.png Firefighter Tristana 1820 04-Jun-2010 17-Jul-2012
泰达米尔头像.png Highland Tryndamere 520 16-Mar-2010 28-Nov-2011
崔斯特头像.png The Magnificent Twisted Fate 1820 18-May-2010 17-Jul-2012
图奇头像.png Kingpin Twitch 520 20-Nov-2009 28-Nov-2011
厄加特头像.png Butcher Urgot 520 24-Aug-2010 12-Mar-2012
沃里克头像.png Feral Warwick 975 16-Nov-2010 19-Mar-2012
基兰头像.png Time Machine Zilean 520 12-Apr-2011 19-Mar-2012

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Release Date Removal Date
沃里克头像.png Urf the Manatee 50/500/5000 01-Apr-2010 14-Apr-2010
布里茨头像.png Rusty Blitzcrank 520 20-Nov-2009 17-Jan-2010

Snowdown Showdown编辑

The following skins were released as "Legacy Skins", and as such may return in the future:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Year Availability
普朗克头像.png Toy Soldier Gangplank 975 2011 13-Dec-2011 - 10-Jan-2012
黑默丁格头像.png Snowmerdinger 975 2011 13-Dec-2011- 10-Jan-2012
乐芙兰头像.png Mistletoe LeBlanc 975 2011 13-Dec-2011- 10-Jan-2012
茂凯头像.png Festive Maokai 975 2011 13-Dec-2011- 10-Jan-2012


The following skins were released as "Legacy Skins", and as such may return in the future:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Year Availability
布兰德头像.png Zombie Brand 1820 2012 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012
菲奥娜头像.png Headmistress Fiora 975 2012 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012
瑞兹头像.png Pirate Ryze 975 2012 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012

Shadow Isles编辑

The following skins were released along with the remake of the Twisted Treeline. A poll was conducted to allow the community to decide if these skins would be limited edition, permanent additions to the store, or legacy skins. They were released as "Legacy Skins", and as such may return in the future:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Availability
赫卡里姆头像.png Headless Hecarim 975 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012
茂凯头像.png Haunted Maokai 975 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012
崔斯特头像.png Underworld Twisted Fate 975 26-Oct-2012 - 13-Nov-2012

Limited Edition Skins编辑

The limited edition Skins were all skins available from the League of Legends store during seasonal or special events and purchasable for a certain duration and then were removed once the event was over. Limited edition skins will not be released from the vault for further purchasing, unfortunately, to retain their value to the players that own them. They only appear in the champion's information tab if you own them.

Snowdown Showdown编辑

The following skins were released as limited edition:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Year Availability
奈德丽头像.png Snow Bunny Nidalee 520 2009 16-Dec-2009 - 06-Jan-2010
努努头像.png Workshop Nunu 520 2009 16-Dec-2009 - 06-Jan-2010
提莫头像.png Happy Elf Teemo 520 2009 16-Dec-2009 - 06-Jan-2010
崔丝塔娜头像.png Earnest Elf Tristana 520 2009 31-Dec-2009 - 03-Jan-2010
基兰头像.png Old Saint Zilean 520 2009 23-Dec-2009 - 27-Dec-2009
阿木木头像.png Re-Gifted Amumu 520 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
古拉加斯头像.png Santa Gragas 975 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
克格莫头像.png Reindeer Kog'Maw 975 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
厄运小姐头像.png Candy Cane Miss Fortune 975 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
波比头像.png Ragdoll Poppy 975 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
萨科头像.png Nutcracko 975 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011
娑娜头像.png Silent Night Sona 520 2010 14-Dec-2010 - 06-Jan-2011


The following skins were released as limited edition:

Skin Name Cost RpPoints Year Availability
蒙多医生头像.png Mundo – Dr. Mundo 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
费德提克头像.png Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
卡特琳娜头像.png Kitty Cat Katarina 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
波比头像.png Lollipoppy 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
瑞兹头像.png Zombie Ryze 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
弗拉基米尔头像.png Nosferatu Vladimir 975 2010 18-Oct-2010 - 31-Oct-2010
安妮头像.png FrankenTibbers Annie 975 2011 19-Oct-2011 - 31-Oct-2011
布里茨头像.png Definitely Not Blitzcrank 520 2011 19-Oct-2011 - 31-Oct-2011
奈德丽头像.png Bewitching Nidalee 975 2011 19-Oct-2011 - 31-Oct-2011
魔腾头像.png Haunting Nocturne 520 2011 19-Oct-2011 - 31-Oct-2011

Riot Soccer skins编辑

These skins were released during to the FIFA World Cup, the male ones on June 22, 2010 and the female ones on June 28, 2010. All of them were removed from the store on November 1st, 2010.

Skin Name Cost RpPoints
阿卡丽头像.png All-Star Akali 975
布里茨头像.png Goalkeeper Blitzcrank 520
伊泽瑞尔头像.png Striker Ezreal 520
卡特琳娜头像.png Red Card Katarina 975

2010 Winter Games Celebration编辑

These skins were only available from February 12th, 2010 to March 2nd, 2010. Their release coincided with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Skin Name Cost RpPoints
阿木木头像.png Vancouver Amumu 520
艾尼维亚头像.png Team Spirit Anivia 520
库奇头像.png Ice Toboggan Corki 1820
费德提克头像.png Union Jack Fiddlesticks 520
贾克斯头像.png The Mighty Jax 520
卡萨丁头像.png Festival Kassadin 520
图奇头像.png Whistler Village Twitch 520
维迦头像.png Curling Veigar 520

Season 2 Celebration skin编辑

This skin was put in the League of Legends Store for a limited time during the Season 2 championship.

皮肤名称 Cost RpPoints Availability
锐雯头像.png Championship Riven 10 14-Oct-2012 - 22-Oct-2012



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