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  • "Anivia" is derived from Latin niveus/nivea/niveum, meaning "Snow White".
  • Anivia was designed by Brackhar.
  • Anivia's dance is the Chicken Dance. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
  • The quote at the end of Anivia's lore alludes to the Robert Frost poem Fire and Ice.
  • "Cryophoenix" is derived from two words: "Cryo" and "Phoenix". "Cryo" is a Greek word meaning "Cold", while the "Phoenix" is a classical mythic creature with the power to reincarnate itself from its own ashes; the classic phoenix being a birdlike creature that is partially on fire.
  • Anivia is one of the few champions that has had their in-game voice changed. Others are Janna Janna andKatarina Katarina.
    • Her old voice over made her sound more aggresive. A video containing it can be seen here .



  • She has formed a close friendship with a few League champions: Nunu Nunu and his yeti, Willump, as well as Ashe Ashe, the Queen of Freljord.
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