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Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  Spirit Visage 
Trinity Force  阿塔玛之戟  女妖面纱 
Prospector's Blade  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Spirit Visage 
Trinity Force  Sanguine Blade  Odyn's Veil 


  • Be careful when using skillshots as his Omen of Pestilence Omen of Pestilence can pop an incoming projectile.
  • Take a great care when engaging Yorick Yorick 1v1. His 1v1 capabilities are high due to his ghouls.
  • The amount of healing he receives from Omen of Famine Omen of Famine depends mostly on the initial magic damage dealt by the spell. Buying magic resist can greatly reduce the heal Yorick Yorick gets from the spell.
  • When he uses his Omen of Death Omen of Death, consider killing the revenant first rather than the champion it mimics as the revenant is weaker than the original champion.
  • Be careful when a champ is revived by Omen of Death Omen of Death, they know they will die anyways so they will go all out to kill you, even tower dive, try to CC the revived champion until its duration is over
  • When being chased by his ghouls, you can avoid them like escaping from creeps, i.e. quickly run into the nearest brush then press S key to stop attacking.
  • It can be a good strategy to buy two Vampiric Scepter item.png Vampiric Scepters in order to get a lot of sustain - enough to stand Yorick Yorick's harass.

Champion spotlight编辑

Yorick Champion Spotlight

Yorick Champion Spotlight

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