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There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To those that truly know, however, it is called the Void. Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place, but rather the home of unspeakable things - horrors not meant for minds of men. Cho'Gath is a creature born of the Void, a thing whose true nature is so awful most will not speak its name. Its fellows have been poking at the walls that divide dimensions for a crack, a way into Runeterra, where they can visit their own personal paradise of horror upon the world. They are called the Voidborn, creatures so ancient and terrible that they have been removed from history altogether. It is rumored that the Voidborn command vast armies of unspeakable creatures on other worlds, that they were once driven from Runeterra by powerful magic lost to antiquity.

If such tales are true, then the rumors that follow must be equally true - that one day, the Voidborn will return. Even now, something dark stirs in Icathia, perverting the summoning rituals of the League to allow the presence of Cho'Gath. It is an alien creature of malice and violence, a thing that causes all but the most stalwart to cringe in fear. Cho'Gath even appears to feed on its predations, growing and swelling as it gorges itself. Worse yet, the creature is intelligent, perhaps greatly so, making most wonder how such a monster could be contained. Fortunately, the power of the League's summoning has confined Cho'Gath's presence exclusively to the League of Legends. It is here that summoners use Cho'Gath's Voidborn abilities to help decide the fate of Runeterra. The Terror of the Void knows what fate it would choose for Runeterra, given half the chance.

"Woe betides the day when Cho'Gath grows weary of the League."


"You'd wish the world you know to end! Yeeeesssss..."
"You have stains upon your soul... Perfect."
"Who will be eaten first?"
"Your souls will feed the Void!"
"There will be no end to your suffering!"
"You shall not escape!"
"You are such... hideous creatures!"
"No! I do not live under a bed... Fool!"
"The daylight! It burns!"
"For the darkness!"
"Summoner, your darkness beckons."
"Afraid of the dark...? Wise!"
"Your races are a scourge upon the world!"
"I shall bring them terror!"
"You... are a scourge upon the world."
"Death is not the end for you. I have seen to it. For eternity, you are mine!"
"Ah, the tangled webs we weave..."
"Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!"
"Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!" (spoken faster)

"You, sir, are a coward and a ruffian!"
"You cheeky little fellow!"
"One can survive everything nowadays, except death!"
"I challenge you to a duel!"
"I like a man who grins when he fights!"
"I'll bite your legs off!"
"Cake or Death?"
"*Clears throat* "Yes, good sir?"
"Anyone for a spot of tea?"
"Let us fight like gentlemen!"
"Oh, bother!"
"Pip-pip! Cheerio!"
"Anything less would be uncivilized."
"What, what... What?!"
"Would you like some cheese with your whine?"
"It's funny isn't it? How your best friend can just blow up like that."
"Nom nom nom nom nom!" (spoken slowly)
Upon using Rupture.png Rupture
"Up you go!"
Upon using FeralScream.png Feral Scream
Upon using Feast.png Feast
"Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..."
"Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..."
Upon Death
"Oh no."

Beginning of the match
"Initializing battle sequence annihilation!"
"The world of humans is ending."
"Enemy analysis aborted. Subjects unworthy."
"Initiating combat."
"Escalating aggression."
"Crush them underfoot."
"Uploading program: terror."
"All organisms will be consumed."
"Isolating weak points."
"Eliminate filthy organics."
"Violence restrictions lifted."
"Afraid of the dark? That's my shadow."
"These are such hideously obsolete creatures."
"Biologicals must be eliminated."
"Humans are innately flawed."
"My design exceeds any others."
"Morals are a waste of memory."
"Evolution is past. Extermination is present."
"When all humans die, I will remain."
"Cleanse the world of bio-filth."
"Possible emotion detected. Purging database."
"Obliterate all resistance."
"Bow down!"

Cho'Gath fires smoke signals from his canons.

"Doom cannon, fire!"
"Long range communications... sent."
Upon using FeralScream.png Feral Scream
When toggling VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes on
"Rockets primed."
"Missile bays open."
"Employing collateral damage."
Upon using Feast.png Feast
"Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom."
"OM nom nom nom nom nom."
"Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom."
"Arm nom nom nom."
Upon gaining a Feast.png Feast stack
"Mass increasing."
"Repurposing consumed materials."
"Durability improved."
"Structural integrity reinforced."
"Quantifying nutritional value."
"Compacting devoured subject into cube."
Upon reaching maximum Feast.png Feast stacks
"Maximum Cho'Gath!"
"Core reactor fully charged!"
"Puny creatures, observe perfection!"
"I shall eclipse the world of man!"
"I am power beyond measure!"
"Size approaching singularity!"
Upon reaching levels 6, 11, 15 and 18
"Let the consumption begin." (Level 6)
"Power levels rising." (Level 11)
"Approaching EET output." (Level 15)
"Final stage reached. Tremble before me." (Level 18)
Upon using 回城.png Recall
"Refueling required."
"Condensing for transport."
"Returning to docking station."
When reviving
"Increasing defensive awareness."
"Revenge profile uploaded."
"Resuming functionality."
"Redundant systems activating."
"Blue screen resolved."
"System error isolated. Reinitializing."


Urgent incoming transmission编辑

Announcement made by Recon Team:[1]


--- Found recording enclosed. Begin audio analysis ---

--- Audio of Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath ---

--- Audio file reveals unknown audible construct signature. Nature of construct unknown ---

--- All personnel on high alert ---

--- Please report all unusual activity or sightings ---


Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath Sighted!编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[2]

Warning! This mechanical menace has been sighted stomping through nearby cities and battlefields, crushing anyone and everything in his destructive path! Metal is, indeed, perfection.

Mechanize Mayhem with Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[3]

In another world where flesh is replaced by techmaturgy, Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath is the most feared and deadly construct to crush his way across the battlefield. This new version of the Terror of the Void comes to the fight as a mechanical menace, firing missile salvos instead of Vorpal Spikes, bellowing a distorted version of Feral Scream from powerful speakers and launching subterranean missiles that Rupture underneath your foes. With a mechanized model and brand new effects, sounds, and animations including a new recall, you’ll be ready to claim the future for the truly evolved.

As organic life’s days are numbered, machines rise as the ultimate evolution of Valoran’s champions.

Patch history编辑

  • Tooltips have been updated.


  • Tooltips have been updated.


  • General
    • Magic Resist per level increased to 1.25.
    • Attack Range normalized to 125 from 130.
  • Rupture.png Rupture:
    • Cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds from 0.672.
    • Delay normalized to 0.625 seconds from 0.5 - 0.75.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream:
    • Cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds from 0.6417.
  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes:
    • Width now increases based on Cho'Gath's size.
  • Feast.png Feast:
    • Now grants Cho'Gath up to 50 additional Attack Range, based on Feast rank and amount of stacks.
    • Cast time normalized to 0.5 seconds from 0.43.
    • Range increased to 150 from 100.


  • Rupture.png Rupture:
    • Added red/green rings to indicate which targets will be affected.
    • Launch delay reduced to 0.65 seconds from 0.7.


  • Base movement speed increased to 320 from 315.


  • Fixed a bug where Feast.png Feast would fail to kill shielded targets.


  • Adjusted the animation speed of his run while he has stacks of Feast.png Feast.


  • Fixed a bug where Cho'Gath could gain a Feast.png Feast stack even when the target did not die.


  • A particle will now appear correctly on enemy targets when they can be killed by Feast.png Feast.


  • Reduced the chance of Rupture.png Rupture failing to knock up the target.


  • Stats:
    • Base health reduced to 520 from 550.
    • Base armor reduced to 19 from 21.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream: damage reduced to 75/125/175/225/275 from 80/130/180/240/300.
  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes:
    • Damage increased to 20/35/50/65/80 from 20/30/40/50/60.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.3 from 0.2.
  • Feast.png Feast:
    • Damage reduced to 300/475/650 from 300/550/800.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.7 from 0.5
  • Carnivore.png Carnivore: mana received on kill has been reduced to 3.25 + (0.25 × level) from 6.5 + (0.5 × level).


  • Feast.png Feast now loses half stacks (rounded up) instead of 3 stacks on death.


  • Rupture.png Rupture: delay reduced to 0.75 seconds from 0.8.
  • Carnivore.png Carnivore:
    • Health restored upon kill reduced to 32 + (2.0 × level) from 37.5 + (2.5 × level)
    • Mana restored upon kill reduced to 6.5 from 7.5. It still has a growth of 0.5 × level.


  • Fixed a bug with Rupture.png Rupture that showed cooldown in the levelup tooltip even though the cooldown did not change.



  • Fixed a display error with VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes and death recap.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream:
    • Silence duration reduced to 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds from 2/2.5/3/3.5/4.
    • Cooldown reduced to 13 from 16.



  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes can now be toggled off.
  • Cho'Gath will now be properly considered melee for the sake of items like Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade.
  • Feast.png Feast:
    • Fixed a bug at rank 3 where Cho'Gath has difficulty feasting when he has max stacks.
    • Fixed a bug where the ability buff tooltip was not updating the bonus health when Cho'Gath loses stacks.
    • Fixed a bug where Cho'Gath was not scaling properly when he loses stacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tenacity mastery caused Cho'Gath's Feast.png Feast to not kill the target.


  • Rupture.png Rupture now deals damage on knocking the targets into the air, rather than when they fall to the ground.
  • Feast.png Feast: stack loss on death changed to half the stacks rounded up from of all of them.


  • Tweaked autoattack animation timing.


  • Feast.png Feast:
    • It no longer appears to deal excessive damage in Death Recap.
    • Updated tooltip to reflect the functionality that it damages the target and if it kills them, you gain health (reverted to the old functionality).


  • Fixed a bug with Feast.png Feast where it was not able to kill Poppy Poppy.


  • Fixed a bug where using Feast.png Feast when the target had too much health caused too much damage.


  • Rupture.png Rupture: slow duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4.


  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes: ability power ratio reduced to 0.2 from 0.25.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream: ability power ratio reduced to 0.7 from 0.75.
  • Rupture.png Rupture: cast range reduced to 950 from 1000.


  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream:
    • Cooldown reduced to 16 from 17.
    • Range increased to 650 from 615.
  • Rupture.png Rupture: range increased to 1000 from 900.


  • Fixed an issue where Cho'Gath would not move close enough to the target to Feast.png Feast at large sizes.


  • Carnivore.png Carnivore: now receives 8-16.5 mana when Cho'Gath kills a unit in addition to the normal health gain on kill.
  • Updated secondary / critical strike animations.


  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes:
    • Damage reduced to 20/30/40/50/60 from 40/60/80/100/120.
    • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.25 from 0.33.
    • Now it also hits your primary target.
  • Feast.png Feast:
    • Cooldown reduced to 60 from 70.
    • Added a 0.5 ability power ratio.
  • Carnivore.png Carnivore: health per kill increased to 40-82 from 30-72.


  • Feast.png Feast: size per stack reduced to 0.7/0.11/0.15 from 0.9/0.15/0.18.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream: cooldown reduced to 17 from 20 sec.
  • Rupture.png Rupture:
    • Range increased to 900 from 800.
    • Mana cost reduced to 80/90/100/110/120 from 80/95/110/125/140.
  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes:
    • Base damage increased to 40/60/80/100/120 from 20/40/60/80/100.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.33 from 0.25.


  • RENAMED to Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void.
  • New voiceovers.
  • Stats:
    • Movement speed increased to 315 from 310.
    • Base damage increased to 56 from 50.
    • Mana per level increased to 40 from 35.
    • Attack range increased to 130 from 125.
  • Feast.png Feast:
    • Fixed a bug which caused the level up tooltip to not display.
  • Base size increased.
    • Size per stack decreased slightly.
  • Rupture.png Rupture: damage increased to 80/135/190/245/305 from 65/125/185/245/305.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream: damage increased to 80/130/180/240/300 from 60/120/180/240/300.
  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes: range increased by 50.


  • Carnivore.png Carnivore: heal amount increased to 30-72 from 15-72.


  • Feast.png Feast: fixed a bug causing the particle to display on champions incorrectly.


July 10, 2009 Patch:

June 26, 2009 Patch: Added

  • Rupture.png Rupture: Cho'Gath causes the ground to rupture. After a short delay a spire will emerge, popping enemies into the air, dealing damage and slowing them upon landing.
  • FeralScream.png Feral Scream: Cho'Gath lets out a terrifying cone based scream, damaging and silencing units who are hit.
  • VorpalSpikes.png Vorpal Spikes: Passive: Cho'Gath's basic attacks send out spikes, impaling units behind his primary target.
  • Feast.png Feast (Ultimate): Cho'Gath attempts to consume an enemy whole, instantly killing it if it is below a Health threshold. Each time Cho'Gath successfully devours a unit he grows in size, gaining health and increasing the consume health threshold.
  • Carnivore.png Carnivore (Passive): Cho'Gath gains life upon killing units.


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