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  • 蓋倫是由Geeves設計的.
  • 蓋倫由Jamieson Price配音.
  • 蓋倫在新手試煉地(Proving Grounds)和Ashe OriginalSquare Ashe 與 Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze同為三大免費英雄.(其實是永久免費)
  • 蓋倫的舞步來源於超級男孩(N'Sync)的MV《Bye Bye Bye》.
  • 和大多數人認為的相反,蓋倫只有在使用W Courage Courage 才會大喊「德瑪西亞」,而不是使用EJudgment Judgment或RDemacian Justice Demacian Justice的時候.
  • The phrase "Spin To Win!" originated from how easily some kills were obtained with Judgment Judgment, however this term has in many cases loosely referred to Wukong OriginalSquare Wukong's Ultimate, Cyclone Cyclone.
  • 雖然蓋倫不能從法術強度中獲得收益, 他的大招 Demacian Justice Demacian Justice, 卻可以造成魔法傷害.
  • 他的大招在Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 的mod,魔電(Median XL)里被提到, 是一把神聖的獨特長劍樣式.這把武器被命名為德瑪西亞正義.
  • 蓋倫是第一個金幣(IP)價格下調2次的英雄.


  • 蓋倫的笑話和嘲諷在公測時發生了變動,之前的笑話是「I'know you're in that bush"(我知道你在這個草叢,蓋倫也曾被稱呼為"草叢倫"
  • 蓋倫的第二個笑話來源於服裝店Men's Wearhouse的廣告, 他們的廣告經常以以下的台詞結尾: "You're gonna like the way you look. I Garen-tee it. Get it?"


  • In his Dreadknight and Rugged skin arts he is holding his sword in his left hand, but in-game he holds it in his right hand.
  • The Rugged Garen skin was originally called the "Vagabond Garen" skin.
  • Dreadknight was a prize in a drawing from Spike's Game Trailers TV show, during an episode featuring Dominion. It was a drawing through Twitter, with only 100 skin codes released.
  • Sanguine Garen is likely a homage to the Blood Angels of which their primarch (leader) is Sanguinius.
  • Commando Garen is a reference to the Imperial Guard of the Warhammer 40,000 series.
  • Desert trooper Garen skin has become a legacy skin to get re-released in special ocasions.


  • Garen and Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina first fought during a war between Demacia and Noxus. Garen has fought with her ever since, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Garen and Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina were the ones who stopped the inter-city brawl in Kalamanda.
  • According to Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank's "Fleshling Compatibility Service," a dating service made by Blitzcrank, Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina and Garen make a perfect couple, but are not officially together. Fans have since been joking about their relationship.
  • The sixth issue of the Journal of Justice states Garen's family name is Crownguard, and every member of his family has joined the Demacian armed forces. His father and mother, Marcus and Lilia, are officials of the legislative Demacian Council. His younger sister Lux OriginalSquare Lux joined the military when she was thirteen.
  • Garen is a childhood companion of Jarvan IV OriginalSquare Jarvan IV, the crown prince of Demacia.
    • When Jarvan was captured by Noxian forces, Garen led his Dauntless Vanguard through enemy lines and rescued Jarvan before he could be executed.
  • Garen once protected Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina when she came to Demacia to protest about High Councilor Heywan Relivash's conspiracy in Kalamanda along with Jarvan IV OriginalSquare Jarvan IV
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