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  • Garen Garen's health regeneration is greatly increased due to his passive, Perseverance.png Perseverance. This only activates if he can avoid receiving champion damage for 9 seconds, granting him exceptional sustainability in lane, and minions don't stop his regen.
  • Garen 盖伦DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike makes him a powerful chaser, easily closing the gap and silencing enemies before they can cast a slow or any debuff. It can also be used to make a swift escape since removes slows.
  • DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike can be used effectively to push lanes, as this ability also affects structures (turrets and inhibitors).
  • Using DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike to catch up with, silence, and deal damage to a fleeing champion is the perfect precursor to a killing blow with DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice.
  • Garen Garen can be lethal in early game fights, especially after getting his ultimate. Judgment.png Judgment deals good continuous damage to enemies. DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike's speed boost is good for chasing enemies. DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice also does extra damage based on how much health the enemy has missing
  • Garen Garen's best starting skill is DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike, as it can be used to last-hit, silence, speed himself up, remove slows, reset autoattacks and has very high burst damage at early levels.
  • Courage.png Courage and DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike mix well for a powerful chasing, and escape combo. The speed boost from DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike letting you get into, or out of range, while the damage reduction of Courage.png Courage allows you to take reduced damage from nearby minions and enemies when chasing or escaping.
  • Because of strong early game damage from Judgment.png Judgment, Garen Garen lanes well with a partner with an early game stun such as Sion 赛恩CrypticGaze.png Cryptic Gaze or Taric 塔里克Dazzle.png Dazzle.
  • Unlike other abilities, Judgment.png Judgment remains active when Garen Garen is stunned because it is not a channeled spell.
  • With some points into Judgment.png Judgment, Garen Garen can easily farm and push minions with it.
  • Judgment.png Judgment is Garen Garen's main source of damage, but has a significant cooldown and long duration to maximize its damage. Make sure you activate Judgment.png Judgment properly or you will be left being fairly ineffectual in combat while it cooldowns.
  • Beware that DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice can be blocked by Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil and its damage depends on the enemy champion's magic resistance and health.
  • DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice can be activated during Judgment.png Judgment on an enemy at low hp. This will cause Garen Garen to immediately end his spin and cast if the target is in range.



Doran's Shield  Boots of Swiftness  Sunfire Cape 
最后的轻语  幽梦之灵  守护天使 
Ruby Crystal  Mercury's Treads  Phage 
Sunfire Cape  Force of Nature  兰顿之兆 
Proving Grounds'
Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  幽梦之灵 
Sunfire Cape  阿塔玛之戟  Frozen Mallet 


  • Garen Garen damage output is very high early game; avoid early confrontations.
  • Harass Garen Garen in lane every few seconds, if possible, to minimize the effect of Perseverance.png Perseverance.
    • Ranged champions can easily stop Perseverance.png Perseverance with an autoattack (unless Garen Garen goes farther back, which has him give up last-hits) and farm in lane while a safe distance from him - they generally also have abilities to let them keep away from Garen Garen even if he charges at them. Ranged carries in particular will scale far stronger than Garen Garen in this situation, avoiding his early-game advantages while securing their own late-game advantages.
    • The passive of Executioner's Calling item.png Executioner's Calling can completely disable Perseverance.png Perseverance if you harass him constantly.
  • Avoid going into a brush that does not have a ward in it if Garen's current whereabouts are unknown. Garen Garen players have a tendency to hide in bushes, due to the synergy between his silence from DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike and damage from Judgment.png Judgment.
  • Garen Garen is a cooldown based champion. However, all of his ability cooldowns are very high. Try to attack him when they are on cooldown.
  • Be very cautious when low on health and Garen 盖伦DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice is off cooldown.
  • It is often worth the investment to purchase armor to counter Garen Garen's high physical damage.
  • Like most melee champions, Garen Garen is quite vulnerable to ranged harassment.
    • But because of his really high damage and the fact that most ranged champs are squishy, at lvl 6 he can burst them down instantly. So if the ranged champ doesn't get a good advantage over him, he will melt anyway.

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Garen Champion Spotlight

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