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  • Glitterlance.png Glitterlance has a fairly low mana cost, meaning that you can use it often in lane to harass.
  • You can use Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! on allies, enemies, or minions in order to greatly extend the range on Glitterlance.png Glitterlance and make an unexpected assault on an enemy champion.
  • Always be careful when using Whimsy.png Whimsy. The speed boost and bonus AP on Whimsy.png Whimsy are both very useful, but using it defensivly may mean that it isn't available to cast when you find that you really need it to disable a high damage enemy such as Talon Talon, or Riven Riven, or to interrupt a channel such as Malzahar 玛尔扎哈NetherGrasp.png Nether Grasp or Fiddlesticks 费德提克Drain.png Drain.
  • Lulu Lulu excels at supporting initiation: attach Pix,FaerieCompanion.png Pix to a tank, then Whimsy.png Whimsy them to allow them to move into range of the enemy quickly and fire off a Glitterlance.png Glitterlance to slow much of the enemy team.
    • If the tank already can initiate (such as Malphite Malphite), you can instead use Whimsy.png Whimsy on yourself for bonus AP.
      • If so , use WildGrowth.png Wild Growth and you will disable the entire enemy team for a couple of seconds
  • Using Whimsy.png Whimsy at rank five on Lulu will allow her to grant 30 additional health with WildGrowth.png Wild Growth, deal 30 extra damage with Glitterlance.png Glitterlance, and add 36 damage or shield strength to Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix!.
  • A single rank Whimsy.png Whimsy makes Lulu Lulu quite mobile, allowing for ganks or wards depending on her build.
  • Use Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! on invisible enemy champions like Teemo Teemo or Twitch Twitch to keep them revealed.
  • Use Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! on high attack speed allied champions such as Master Yi Master Yi, Fiora Fiora, or Evelynn Evelynn as they will strongly benefit from the passive.
  • WildGrowth.png Wild Growth has many uses. It can enhance an already disruptive tank with its knockup and slow, make a bruiser virtually impossible to peel off an enemy carry, or even protect a carry of your own. In lane, it can make ganks from champions with a leap or dash ability deadly, or be used to escape enemy ganks. In general, it should be used early and often as its cooldown is far shorter than most ultimates.
  • WildGrowth.png Wild Growth does not grab turret or minion aggro when used on an allied champion, knocking up surrounding enemy champions. Thus it can be safely used within turret range.
  • WildGrowth.png Wild Growth isn't affected by healing reduction because it will increase health, not restore it.
  • WildGrowth.png Wild Growth is especially useful when used in conjunction with Poppy Poppy's Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Use Whimsy.png Whimsy to help allies escape dangerous situations. Casting Whimsy.png Whimsy on them or on the enemy will assist them a lot.

Build Usage编辑


Summoner's Rift's
Regrowth Pendant  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Philosopher's Stone 
Shurelya's Reverie  Aegis of the Legion  Will of the Ancients 
Prospector's Ring  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Deathfire Grasp 
Shurelya's Reverie  Aegis of the Legion  Lich Bane 
Twisted Treeline's
Philosopher's Stone  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Wit's End 
Frozen Heart  Hextech Sweeper  Aegis of the Legion 


  • Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads reduces both her disables, as well as her damage output. Making them an ideal item.
  • Lulu Lulu does not have a very high natural damage output, so when alone or focused, she'll die quickly without much retaliation.
    • She however ,has a much higher damage output than any other support so don't ignore her completly.
  • In lane, Lulu Lulu will often harass heavily with her Glitterlance.png Glitterlance. Unlike many piercing skillshots, standing behind minions will not mitigate the damage, so moving erratically can help mitigate damage taken.
  • Lulu Lulu has no consistent heal, so poking at her or her lane partner will chop down their health or waste Lulu Lulu's mana trying to shield them.
  • Wait for Lulu Lulu to use Whimsy.png Whimsy before trying to use any channeled abilities or heading into the fight. This leaves her without the polymorph or speed and ability power buff, and allows your team to fight without disruption. Whimsy has a fairly high cooldown, especially at earlier ranks, meaning you have a good amount of time to fight before Lulu can use it again.
  • Lulu Lulu is deadly for ganks as a combination of Glitterlance.png Glitterlance , Whimsy.png Whimsy and WildGrowth.png Wild Growth will leave you in an extremely crippled condition.
  • Watch out for Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! as Glitterlance.png Glitterlance's second bolt will fire from Pix,FaerieCompanion.png Pix's position, meaning that Lulu Lulu can pick up an unexpected kill on you or a nearby ally if she tags you or a nearby champion/minion with it.
  • Despite Lulu Lulu being squishy , she is extremely hard to catch , as she will escape with Whimsy.png Whimsy , slow you with Glitterlance.png Glitterlance , prevent some damage with Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! and if you get too close she will send you flying with WildGrowth.png Wild Growth
  • Try to get Lulu Lulu to waste her ultimate without her team initiating. If Lulu Lulu uses WildGrowth.png Wild Growth in conjunction with a great initiating champion such as Malphite Malphite or Maokai Maokai, your team will be locked up for a few seconds.
    • If she does use it, be careful of what you do next.
      • While the knock up, health, and slow are disruptive, they don't hurt your team much after the initial knock up, so staying and fighting may be a good option if you can take out the champion before Lulu Lulu can shield them or give them the ability power and speed buff from Whimsy.png Whimsy.
      • If you have to run, beware of the slows from WildGrowth.png Wild Growth and Glitterlance.png Glitterlance. If you get slowed by both of them, a polymorph from Whimsy.png Whimsy may take you out if Lulu Lulu's team is nearby. Also keep in mind that Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! extends Glitterlance.png Glitterlance's range, making it a very effective chasing tool if she attaches it to you or a nearby champion/minion.
      • Finally, remember that Help,Pix!.png Help, Pix! reveals a tagged enemy champion until Pix leaves, making it impossible to juke through bushes or past corners for the duration of the debuff.

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Lulu Champion Spotlight

Lulu Champion Spotlight

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