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Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Shadow Prince Malzahar
  • Vizier Malzahar
  • Djinn Malzahar


  • Malzahar was designed by Ezreal.
  • Malzahar is voiced by Vic Mignogna.
  • Before his official announcement, he was named Al'Zahar on the Public Test Realm.
    • Malzahar was the only Champion who caused malfunctions on the Public Test Realm due to its changes.
  • His /dance is a direct reference to MC Hammer's famous "Can't Touch This" dance. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
    • Malzahar's voidling now dances when Malzahar dances as of the Mid-July Patch 2012
  • He is one of the few champions in the league to have a pet, along with Annie Annie, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, Mordekaiser Mordekaiser, Orianna Orianna, and Lulu Lulu
  • Malzahar's backstory is perhaps a reference to Abdul Alhazred from the Necronomicon, who became a prophet of Cthulhu after being compelled by visions to walk through the Arabian desert without any supplies.


  • 玛尔扎哈头像.png Shadow Prince Malzahar may be a reference to the Prince of Persia franchise.
  • 玛尔扎哈头像.png Vizier Malzahar is a reference to a title often held in Middle-Eastern governments, following his Middle-Eastern themes.
  • 玛尔扎哈头像.png Djinn Malzahar is an alternative spelling reference of Jinn. In Middle Eastern culture, a djinn is a great or evil spirit resembling a genie.
  • 玛尔扎哈头像.png Overlord Malzahar may be a reference to the Overlord video game franchise. His voidling represents the minions that serve The Overlord with their armor on.


  • Malzahar is from the Shurima Desert and was born a Seer, blessed with the gift of foresight. His talent, though unrefined, promised to be one of Runeterra's greatest boons.
  • Malzahar traveled to Icathia and saw visions of Void creatures consuming Runeterra. Believing this as an inevitable fate, Malzahar now serves the Void.
  • Malzahar was the one who enticed 20px Kog'Maw into joining the League.
  • Malzahar is the prophet of a growing subculture of Void cultists.
  • Malzahar wishes for Kassadin Kassadin to join forces with him. In Zaun, Malzahar tricked Kassadin Kassadin into sending his daughter into the Void.
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