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  • Getting Exhaust.png Exhaust can help deceive your enemies into thinking that you are an easy kill. With low health and max fury, you can easily bait enemy champions into a fight, you can Exhaust.png Exhaust them and use Bloodlust Bloodlust to turn the tides of battle.
  • Bloodlust Bloodlust can be deceptively powerful early game. At max fury, using Spinning Slash Spinning Slash to enter combat can be a great way to get an early kill without your opponent knowing what hit them.
  • Bloodlust Bloodlust is the most important skill for Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere. It gives you both a way to heal yourself, and gives you more attack damage as you lose health. Be sure to max it out early.
  • Remember that Mocking Shout Mocking Shout reduces enemy attack damage so it is a good ability in a team fight even if you don't need to slow anyone in particular.
  • It can also be used at early levels when laning to decrease the attack damage of enemy champions regardless of their positioning - this can make some of their last hits fail, if well timed.
  • Spinning Slash Spinning Slash is an excellent ability for chasing or escaping as this ability can allow you to pass through walls.
  • As Spinning Slash Spinning Slash ignores unit collision, it can be used to quickly get to the melee distance of a ranged champion hiding behind their minions.
  • When using Undying Rage Undying Rage, make sure you back out before it's too late, especially when there are champions with global range ultimates on the enemy team. Using his ult followed by a Spinning Slash Spinning Slash through a wall is a good way to escape.
  • Try to delay the activation of Undying Rage Undying Rage as much as possible, as you can still lose health while it is activated. Delaying it is also a very effective way to cause an enemy champion to overcommit while trying to kill you. It is, however, always better to activate it a moment too early than a moment too late - while both can, in the end, cause you to die, the former lowers the chance that you will get hit by a few large bursts of damage and be dead before you can even react.
  • Before Undying Rage Undying Rage's duration ends, activate Bloodlust Bloodlust to heal back from 1 health. As of the new update however, you gain back a bit of health to either to give you enough time to use lifesteal or Bloodlust Bloodlust without dying.
  • The two most viable offensive rune types are armor penetration marks and crit chance marks. Critical strike chance marks boost his early game, allowing more critical strikes and thus more healing with Bloodlust Bloodlust, and armor penetration marks boost his general damage output.
  • Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere is a prime target for Exhaust.png Exhaust and crowd control, and you can use Cleanse.png Cleanse to counter it.
    • Cleanse.png Cleanse is one of the most important summoner spells for Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere, as experienced players will know to apply crowd control to Tryndamere as much as possible, to shut him down.
    • Before playing Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere, players should take into account that he is one of the few manaless champions and instead uses fury as his resource. This will affect rune, mastery, and item choice.
    • Another option to remove Exhaust.png Exhaust, or any type of crowd control, is buying Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash. It has lower cooldown than Cleanse.png Cleanse, but does not give you any lingering resistance after use like Cleanse.png Cleanse. If you use it to remove a slow/stun/etc, you can immediately be stunned, slowed, suppressed, etc. again.
  • Mocking Shout Mocking Shout can be used to check if an enemy is hiding in brush.
  • It is important to note that Mocking Shout Mocking Shout does not need to be used to notice enemy champions hidden in fog of war . The ability will change from grey to active reguardless of whether or not you can see your enemies. This can be very effective when walking through an enemy jungle, alowing you to "see" if an enemy is on the other side of a wall killing monsters.




Avarice Blade Avarice Blade Brawler's Gloves Brawler's Gloves


  • During laning, Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere is vulnerable to ranged harassment. If you can manage to keep him from last hitting, you can deny him his heal along with gold. Just be careful; some Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere players have full Rune pages for crit chance and crit damage, which makes him deceptively strong at low health. Also, be wary, as he can quickly use Spinning Slash Spinning Slash to close the distance and deal damage of his own.
  • Although Malzahar OriginalSquare Malzahar's and Warwick OriginalSquare Warwick's ultimates do not kill Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere or prevent him from activating Undying Rage Undying Rage, suppressing him during his ultimate effectively wastes its duration, and with proper timing you may be able to kill him after his Undying Rage Undying Rage runs out as the suppression does not allow him to escape or heal, while their ultimates will still be doing damage. Both playing and countering Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere is all about timing.
  • If you are a tank, are being focussed by or have a lot more health than Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere, Thornmail item Thornmail can be used quite effectively against him. By having 30% of his damage returned to him he will quite literally be killing himself if he cannot kill you quickly and will most likely be forced to use Undying Rage Undying Rage earlier than he would like to. Getting a Randuin's Omen item Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart item Frozen Heart will however be more useful for your team, as they can decrease Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere dps through the attack speed slow.
  • Using Ignite.png Ignite after Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere activates his ultimate counters the healing from Bloodlust Bloodlust and might kill him after Undying Rage Undying Rage wears off.
  • Hemoplague Hemoplague is an excellent skill to finish off Tryndamere due to the 5 second delay. However, it is not recommended to waste Hemoplague Hemoplague on Tryndamere if he is alone. Using it during a team battle after he uses Undying Rage Undying Rage will almost ensure a kill.
  • All of Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere's damage aside from Spinning Slash Spinning Slash is from auto attacks; blind crowd controls such as Heimerdinger OriginalSquare Heimerdinger's CH-1 Concussion Grenade CH-1 Concussion Grenade or Teemo OriginalSquare Teemo's Blinding Dart Blinding Dart will negate all of it.
  • As a carry, Exhaust.png Exhaust is extremely effective for countering him, since his damage comes almost exclusively from autoattacks.
  • Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere excels at 1v1 fights. Ensure you are in a good position to give yourself an edge before commiting to the fight. Be careful wheven when at your turret as it may not kill Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere while his Undying Rage Undying Rage is in effect.
  • If Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere attempts to turret dive you, run away and juke him until the duration of Undying Rage Undying Rage wears off.
  • Using Crowd Control effects such as Stuns, Roots and Blind when Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere uses Undying Rage Undying Rage will help counteract this ability.
  • Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere is centered around intimidating opposing players to overcommit to highly disadvantegous situations and make bad choices. In particular, Tryndamere excels at chasing fleeing enemies. Experienced Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere players know this and usually attempt to use his abilities to intimidate an opponent into fleeing; which almost guarantees him an easy kill.

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