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  • Jayce was designed by FeralPony and Hephastopheles.
  • Jayce is voiced by Troy Baker.
  • Jayce is the 100th champion for League of Legends.
  • After the community indicated that Jayce's lore made Viktor Viktor seem "like a Saturday morning cartoon villain", his lore was rewritten to better reflect how Riot viewed their rivalry.[1]
    • This makes Jayce the second champion, after Shyvana Shyvana, to have their lore changed due to community feedback.
  • Jayce is the second champion to have his ultimate available at level 1,the first being Karma Karma and the third being Elise Elise; however, unlike Karma, Jayce and Elise can later level up thier ultimate similar to the majority of the champions in the game in order to increase its potency.
    • Jayce is the third champion to have access to all his abilities at level 1, the others being Udyr Udyr, Elise Elise and Karma Karma.
    • Jayce is also the first champion to have 8 abilities.
  • Jayce is one of the four champions who is labelled as both melee and ranged, the others being Kayle Kayle, Elise Elise and Nidalee Nidalee.
  • Jayce's dance is a reference to U Can't Touch This, which is a song by M.C. Hammer. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
    • Jayce's dance is similar to Malzahar Malzahar's dance.
    • Also, Mercury Cannon - Hammer can be simplified to M.C. Hammer.
    • He holds his hammer with both hands in front of him while looking upwards.
  • Jayce may also be linked to 'the Apprentice' from the game Orcs Must Die!.
    • He has melee and ranged attacks, and look similar, as well both can fire of a blue ball of power.
    • In addition, both have the title of defender.
  • Jayce's moniker the "Defender of Tomorrow" is a reference to Superman: The Man of Tomorrow.


  • Jayce's joke is possibly a reference to Gogeta's actions from Dragon Ball GT, where Gogeta tells Omega Shenron that he will, "Extinguish every single cell in his body," but instead fires confetti to him.
  • "Shocking" is likely a reference to Goldfinger
  • Jayce shares a quote with Viktor: "Pave the way."


  • 杰斯头像.png Jayce's Classic skin is a possible reference to hammerites or mechanists, both from Thief series.
  • 杰斯头像.png Jayce's Classic skin bears some similarities to the hero Superman from DC Comics.
  • 杰斯头像.png Full Metal Jayce's skin is a reference to the Nintendo game series Metroid as well as Iron Man.
  • 杰斯头像.png Full Metal Jayce's voice sounds identical to Viktor Viktor. This possibly reflects the important role that Viktor plays in Jayce's lore.


  • Jayce views Viktor Viktor, the machine-augmented scientist from Zaun, as a dangerous enemy to Piltover.
    • Viktor defeated Jayce and stole a powerful arcane crystal to power his creations. Jayce later created the Mercury Hammer and counter assaulted Viktor's laboratory, destroying Viktor's prototype weapons.


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