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Lee Sin Lee Sin is one of the best junglers having both great clearing speed and sustain. In addition to the above, being a good duelist makes him a great counter jungler too.


Summoner's Rift's
Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  Trinity Force 
女妖面纱  The Bloodthirster  最后的轻语 
Ruby Crystal  Mercury's Treads  Entropy 
Hexdrinker  Trinity Force  Sanguine Blade 
Twisted Treeline's
Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  Sanguine Blade 
Wicked Hatchet  Grez's Spectral Lantern  最后的轻语 


  • Most of his spells deal physical damage. Investing in armor items will mitigate his damage output. However Tempest.png Tempest does magic damage with 1.0 AD ratio.
  • Resonating Strike Resonating Strike will deal a lot of damage when you are low on health. Try to dodge his SonicWave.png Sonic Wave so he can't use Resonating Strike Resonating Strike to finish you off.
  • Cripple.png Cripple will only slow you if he hits you with Tempest.png Tempest. Make sure you stay away from the ability's AoE in order to avoid the slow.
  • Beware when committing to kill Lee Sin Lee Sin. With wards in his inventory to place and cast Safeguard.png Safeguard on, jungle monsters or enemy minions to hit with SonicWave.png Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike Resonating Strike to, and having Dragon'sRage.png Dragon's Rage available to knockback enemies a large distance or knock them up into the air, Lee Sin Lee Sin has an enormous amount of potential to escape and evade dogged enemies, causing said enemies to waste a large amount of time chasing him at best.
  • Instead of battling him in minion wave, try to fight him when he is alone so he can't make the full use of the dash from his Safeguard.png Safeguard.
    • Keep in mind that he can still cast Safeguard.png Safeguard on himself to gain its shield and regeneration from Iron Will Iron Will.
    • Snares also stop Safeguard.png Safeguard from being cast at all within their duration.
  • When playing as a stealth champion, wait until Lee Sin Lee Sin uses SonicWave.png Sonic Wave and Tempest.png Tempest so you won't get revealed.
  • Lee Sin 李青Dragon'sRage.png Dragon's Rage will knock you back to a set distance. If he targets you, it's better to run away in the direction he kicked you rather than running through Lee Sin Lee Sin to escape.
  • Be extremely careful not to use Flash.png Flash to escape while affected by SonicWave.png Sonic Wave. Lee Sin Lee Sin can activate Resonating Strike Resonating Strike to jump to you, from a long distance away as it's range is 1100.
  • Keep in mind that Lee Sin Lee Sin's abilities have high energy costs when engaging him. He will be vulnerable and unable to take much action if he is energy-starved.
  • Keep your team spread to minimize the effect of his Dragon'sRage.png Dragon's Rage.
  • Lee Sin's biggest counter is time since his damage falls off greatly late game. Play carefully early game!

Champion spotlight编辑

Lee Sin Champion Spotlight

Lee Sin Champion Spotlight

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