An autoattack (also called standard, normal, or basic attack) is the attack performed by a champion when right-clicking an enemy unit. Autoattacks are also performed by an idle champion when an enemy unit ventures too close to it, or when the "attack move" function is used (default Shift + right-click). Autoattacks are also performed by monsters, minions and turrets.



When using attack-move, the champion stops to attack any hostile that gets in their way en-route to a destination. If a champion has an attack target, they will continue to attack it if in range and will move closer to it when out of range, until either a new target is specified, a cancel order is issued (pressing the S key or by specifying another move order), or they lose vision of the target.


The behavior of minions is described under behavior on the minions page.


The behavior of turrets is described on the corresponding page as well as the damage of turrets autoattacks.


Autoattacking when hiding in the brush or in fog of war will reveal the attacking unit for a few seconds. Autoattacking while in stealth mode will break the stealth.


Autoattacks always deal physical damage unless one of the following abilities is used, in which case the whole damage of the autoattack will be magic damage.

However, certain items, abilities or passives may cause them to deal additional magic damage on top of their base physical damage. Damage from autoattacks benefits from the attack damage stat on the attacker and are reduced by armor on the target.

When autoattacking a turret, the damage is based on the base attack damage added to either the bonus attack damage or 40% of a champion's ability power, depending on which one is higher.

Attack rate編輯

The rate at which a champion attacks is called attack speed and is capped at 2.5; this means that a champion can attack at most 5 times in a 2 seconds period.

Some abilities refresh the attack timer and allow a champion to attack again immediately if they use the ability after their autoattack.

A list of abilities that refresh the attack timer:

There are a more abilities refreshing the attack timer, but require a casting animation, so the resulting attack rate is much lower (compared to above abilities) and may become slower than just auto attacking when having a high attack speed.

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