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  • Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank is an excellent fighter in 1v1 situations due to his high single target damage output and CC removal. Always look for players out of position.
  • Do not underestimate Parrrley Parrrley's gold bonus when used for farming instead of harassment in early game.
  • Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy can allow him to stay in the lane for an extended period of time.
  • Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy will cancel suppression e.g. Nether Grasp Nether Grasp and Infinite Duress Infinite Duress, though Malzahar OriginalSquare Malzahar's Nether Grasp Nether Grasp still does damage after the suppression is cancelled.
  • In a desperate laning situation, Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank has a lot of ability to just stay in lane and farm as much as possible. Parrrley Parrrley's range and mana cost reduction upon last-hits let Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank farm even with the enemy efforts to completely zone him, building gold per 10 items let him stay in the game despite the enemy controlling the lane (especially Philosopher's Stone item Philosopher's Stone as its regeneration stats will be invaluable to such a situation), Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage and Raise Morale Raise Morale can be used to quickly aid allies even if you are pushed to your turret, and Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy sustains you against enemy harassment. This strategy would prefer maxing Raise Morale Raise Morale for the attack damage bonus to better allow you to last-hit under your turret, with Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy as necessary to sustain and stay in lane. Leveling up Parrrley Parrrley first in this situation is unpreferable due to the mana-cost increase while the gold-bonus increase gain is less useful than simply casting Parrrley Parrrley again and gaining another last-hit, or having more attack damage from Raise Morale Raise Morale to gain more last-hits underneath the turret while Parrrley Parrrley can be on cooldown.
  • Raise Morale Raise Morale can be used defensively and offensively, to be able to move fast for both, and have extra damage for the latter.
  • Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank's spells have considerable animation times. Take this into account when you plan on using Raise Morale Raise Morale or Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy to escape a pursuer.
  • Use Raise Morale Raise Morale when pushing a tower. This can quickly give you and your allies the boost you need to take down buildings, effectively allowing you and your team to rush towers and your enemies not having enough time to defend it.
  • Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage can be used across the map. You can help out in ganks/teamfights elsewhere, by assisting with the damage and massive AoE slow.
    • Paying attention to low health enemies on the map can land you a surprise kill with Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage.
    • Try placing Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage in the path of fleeing enemies to cut them off.
  • Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage can save a turret surrounded by minions, with some luck.
  • Working as a team with other AoE abilities synergizes with your ultimate Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage, such as Nunu OriginalSquare Nunu's Absolute Zero Absolute Zero, Rumble OriginalSquare Rumble's The Equalizer The Equalizer, Miss Fortune OriginalSquare Miss Fortune's Bullet Time Bullet Time, Galio OriginalSquare Galio's Idol of Durand Idol of Durand, or Ziggs OriginalSquare Ziggs' Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb.



Doran's Shield Doran's Shield Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal


  • Laning against Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank can be a bit frustrating. Parrrley Parrrley has a fairly short cooldown and deals a lot of damage at early if it crits. Starting with Cloth Armor item Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion item Health Potion's will give you a lot of sustain and damage reduction to deal with this.
  • Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank's Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy is very annoying to the casters that rely on crowd control to utilize their full combo. Save your hard crowd control until after he uses Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy.
    • Champions with multiple crowd control abilities, namely Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank, can significantly slow down Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank, despite his Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy. Since this ability only removes the current debuff, one can use a "soft" CC ability (such as a slow) to force him to use Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy, then utilize their "hard" CC (such as a stun or suppress) to really begin harassing him. Also keep in mind that AOE or constantly-reapplied CC (such as Yorick omen of pestilence, or Miss Fortune's ground AOE) are reapplied immediately after being removed, so with Remove Scurvy's cast time ends up actually taking longer to get past. Airborne CC (knockups/knockbacks, pulls) cannot be cleansed, so CC from Alistar and Blitzcrank are not countered.
  • Although his early harassment is strong, Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank is fairly squishy in laning phase. Putting an aggressive pressure on his lane will weaken his strong mid/late game.
  • Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage has a huge AoE and global range. Quickly avoid the AoE if he uses it when you are escaping. Be aware of its potential to appear at any time/location.
  • Countering Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank requires starving him of his farm, get an early advantage by pushing him out of the lane, and forcing him to play with more risk than he would usually like. Teams should also consider prioritizing him as a target for ganks and in team fights depending on his build and his allies.
  • Being aware of his Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy would give you an advantage as the ability's cooldown if fairly long compared to the amount of cc available within your kit. Casting a minor cc skill would force a Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank to use this ability and press your damage as much as possible within the interval of his Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy

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